Angel or Spike?

Look, I know this topic seems a little past its freshness date. However, I also know that you know that I know that you still want to talk about it.

Obviously, this will be spoilery, so if you haven’t watched the Buffy series, get the heck out of here and go watch it, for goodness sake!! What have you been waiting for! What if the world ended tomorrow? Priorities.

When Angel showed up with his brooding and his shoulders, hey, I was an instant fan. The impossible relationship of a vampire and a vampire slayer was a brilliance that pushed all my buttons. I was captivated by this romance. When Angel turned, I was devastated. Again with the brilliance. Watching them on opposite sides, her guilt, the subtle sense and hope that the real Angel was still in there somewhere, struggling to get back to Buffy… :sighs: And then he fought his way back from Hell to be with her. That’s hot.

And then he left.

And that really wasn’t. Nope. That pissed me off. I quit watching the show at the end of season 3. The Angel series started, making it obvious that Angel wasn’t coming back, but then the first crossover episode gave me a ray of hope. Made me think that, maybe, there was some greater plan. So I watched. Watched Angel throw away a chance to be with Buffy again because, what? He didn’t trust the slayer to be able to take care of herself, and, ultimately, his own quest for redemption was more important than love. (I should probably mention that I still haven’t watched all of Angel because the show was a little too comedic for me. Someday…)

It was 7 years before I went back to Buffy to watch seasons 4-7. (Hold a grudge much. Oh yeah.) One of my best decisions ever. Because there was Spike. (If you’re hearing ‘Til There Was You right now, it’s just my head. Try to ignore it.)

Maybe part of what I love about Spike is his capacity for obsession. And not obsession with his broody redemption (although, generally, I’m into that), but obsession with the woman. I loved the way the series showed the darker side of Buffy, showed how similar these two opposites were, how they needed each other. I loved the way too outwardly strong characters were shown to have internal elements that were so susceptible to injury by others, and by each other.

There was an openness to Spike’s character that I never felt from Angel. Something that allowed him to be hurt, and for me, as a fan of the fiction, to also experience that, in a way that Angel never did for me.

Spike comes across as more selfish, while Angel can be all broodingly selfless and off to save the world. And that seems very heroic. But in terms of the romance, Spike’s selfishness felt like the you and I are all that matters and screw the rest of the world variety, with a bit of well, ok, I’ll face horrific demons, torture, etc., but only because it’s important to you, sweetie.

Really, I think that’s all any of us can ask from a mate.

So, how about you. Is it Spike or Angel? And why?


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21 responses to “Angel or Spike?

  1. OMG it is SO Spike for me. I got SO obsessed with Spike and Buffy. And you posting this kind of makes me need my fix again.

  2. I am so with you on this (except for the seven year grudge, how on earth did you resist?)

    I loved Angel. Loved Angel & Buffy. Then he left. And I literally couldn’t grasp the concept of him not returning. LOL My favourite Angel episode was the one where he became human again and was with Buffy. Then he went all morally boring again and reversed time so he could undo it. Eejit.

    Spike rocked. He was exactly what Angel needed to be in terms of knowing his priorities. The brooding got old way too quickly. And nobody wants the perfect, selfless hero, right? Right? That show had way too much of an impact on me!

    • My thoughts EXACTLY! (and I was just that pissed)

      One of my favorite Angel/Buffy moments was right after he turned and they were possessed and gender swapped by the ghosts of the teacher and student in the Sadie Hawkin’s episode, I Only Have Eyes For You. That made me weepy.

      Another one was after Angel came back and was going to off himself in the Amends episode. I loved the scene with him and Buffy on the hilltop.

      But, removed from the shadow of the broad shoulders, I come to my senses and realize that it’s kinda really Buffy I love in those scenes.

      • Oh my! I loved I Only Have Eyes For You! I still to this day have that song on every single playlist I create. Definitely a weepy episode.

        When rumours of the whole Spike thing started, I was really worried but it turned out good in the end. 🙂

        I miss Buffy . . . . I swear Joss Whedon is the reason I can’t stop writing paranormal novels!

  3. Lauralynn Elliott

    Angel is a big baby (except when he’s Angeles). So it’s Spike all the way. And, btw, it was Zoe who introduced me to the series. She kept telling me I would like Spike for Buffy better, but I didn’t believe her until it came about. LOL

    I’ve watched my Buffy DVD’s multiple times. After watching Zoe’s and then having to have them for myself! 🙂

    • I would not have believed that anyone hadn’t watched Buffy yet, unless they weren’t old enough to watch Buffy yet, and then I came across a someone who said: I haven’t watched Buffy yet. Gasp! My brother, who continued watching the series, tried to tell me there was a thing with Spike and I was like, pish, that’s ridiculous. I’m not watching that.

      • Lauralynn Elliott

        A funny thing, and I don’t want to take over your blog with too many words, LOL. But my youngest son and his wife love Buffy and they have my DVD’s right now. So my older son wanted to watch it through Netflix. He HATED it. He said it was juvenile and silly. To each his own, I guess.

        • He must be punished. I mean, huh, how odd.
          Of course, it always confuses me when someone describes a fic about high school students as too juvenile…
          So now you must all talk obsessively about Buffy at your next family get-together.

          And talk all you want. This blog is starved for companionship. It’s sad, really.

          • Lauralynn Elliott

            It’s not nearly as sad as my blog. I only have about 4 people who read it. LOL

            I guess my son is too much into things like Battlestar Galactica. Of course, he probably didn’t like it when he urged me to read Dune, saying it was the best book in the world. Um, I didn’t like it.

  4. Whitney

    It’s only ever Spike for me. But thank you for listening and watching the other 4 seasons.

  5. Koreen

    Okay, so I’ll admit it–I’ve never watched Buffy. BUT I have to say you all have made the show sound more interesting than any of my friends ever did. Now I’m left with the dilema: should I sit through the Angel episodes or go straight to Spike?

    • Watch it from the beginning. Because whether you’re an Angel fan or Spike fan, the series is really about Buffy. Watching it from season 1 lets you see the whole process of her becoming who she does, and that’s what it’s about for me.

      But then, the subsequent times you watch the whole series, marathon style, you can start from the Spike periods sometimes, if you wanna.

  6. One of my FAVOURITES bits was where Buffy kills Angel with that gigantic sword and just as she does, Willow saves Angel and returns his soul to him, so that Buffy realizes she’s done it all for nothing… I cried buckets!

    But then as soon as Spike entered the scene I was sold. Angel seems like a wimp in comparison. I’m always more for the badass vampires — Damon instead of Stefan (in The Vampire Diaries) and Eric instead of Bill (in True Blood). Spike just felt more real.

    Recently rewatched Season 1 and cringed my way through Angel’s entirely velvet number. Yuck! Did I really have a crush on him as a teen?!

    Spike… Hm, fave moments? I liked that bit where he tries to bite Willow after he’s gotten the implant and can’t, and then consoles her telling her she’s really hot and he’d bite her anyday. 🙂

  7. I loved that moment, especially because she knew he had his soul back, and she had to make a hero’s choice there, which she did. The beginning of season 3, when everyone is so bitchy to her when she comes back, is when I really started to dislike everyone else on the show. I’m still having trouble getting into the season 8 comic because I just really hate Xander. There, I said it.

    I also loved the Call of the Wild episode where Angel comes back. He came back from Hell for her! How hot is that?

    I can totally see how I had the thing for Angel. He was all tortured and broody, and the show played me really well. And then, when they decided to make me a Spike girl, they totally knew how to manipulate me all over again, and did it better. I love when fiction does that.

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