Contest: Help Me Find My Dylan- sticky

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Know what part of cover design takes the longest? Finding the right images. Robin and I spent a long time combing through images before Kait (who loves browsing stock photos, btw, but you didn’t hear it from me) came up with the perfect one.

I would like Dylan to be on the cover of Heroes ‘Til Curfew if at all possible. I have lousy GoogleFu, and it’s a deficiency that carries across all searches. While spending time browsing photos of cute boys is tempting, I really should be spending time on other things–like writing the book.

So I was thinking that maybe some of you would like to hunt for Dylan. You’ve read Hush Money (right?), so you have a sense of who he is. My current Dylanish Muse is Hunter Parrish. Here are some pics. He plays the part of Silas, the older son, in Weeds. From the earlier seasons, the longer hair look is probably more what I’m thinking. Just to give you an idea what’s in my head.

Robin prefers to work with images from Shutterstock, and she has her reasons, so images from there would have a better chance of being chosen from a practicality standpoint. But we might possibly go elsewhere if the price and conditions are ok.

Please leave links to images in the comments to this post. Enter as often as you like. If I chose one of the images for the cover, the commenter who linked to it will receive Heroes ‘Til Curfew in paperback and ebook (when they become available), and get the bragging rights to say that they “discovered” Dylan.

This contest will run until I finalize a cover design. If none of the images is chosen, I will give one entry to each individual commenter and select a winner at random for the giveaway. Sound fair? Have fun.

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15 responses to “Contest: Help Me Find My Dylan- sticky

  1. I’ve discovered I’m crap at this. Also it’s hard to resist the urge to link to some of the most ridiculous pictures!

    Hmm. Well I found book boy. Or no clothes boy?

    Or you could continue the hush theme? This guy probably doesn’t suit, but he does have a clock, which made me think of ‘curfew’!

    Or there’s the serious stare…. or there’s serious face 2 but it’s not the greatest.

    A lot of the pics were of happy men and somehow I didn’t think a happy face would be good for the cover. I think just generally when it comes to stock photos there are far more (and better) images of women.

    • How fun! Yes, all this photographing of happy people is a problem. Who wants to write about happy people? Of those, I think I like “serious stare” the best. It was a really good effort. It’s HARD to do this, and you can spend tons of time wading through pics and get nothing done for days. Er…I’ve heard. Let me know if you give it another go, and thanks for these!

      • I might give it another go this weekend.. but perhaps looking elsewhere, as I did scour through every picture tagged “blond” on shutterstock. 😛 I’m not going to complain, I got to stare at pretty boys!

        I think another thing that’s hard is trying to match up with your mental image. Everyone has their own picture of a character, and it’s hard to find something that clicks just right! I find the same problem with picking names, too.

        • I thought it was good to give some direction, but I’m also open to other options. When Kait found the image of Joss for Hush Money, she was not the vision I had in my head. But the vision in my head was a manga drawing, more often than not, so… Meanwhile, the current cover image has now really become Joss for me. So yes, please do if you feel like it!

  2. Hi Susan!
    I have a hard enough time doing this for my own characters – nothing ever seems right, unless you stumble across one by accident and cry out “that’s IT!!”
    That being said, I’m going to go with my old standby, the only actor I find consistently good looking whatever he’s in, Ioan Gruffudd ( Hee hee!

    • Thanks, Deniz. Yeah, I am seriously not good at this, so I hope other people enjoy doing it more than I do. I might have an idea of a famous person in my head to write from, but going through stock photos for images I can legally use for the cover is arrggh. Sometimes it’s fun doing it with someone else, though.

  3. Liz

    Well! I finally remembered I’d found a few on shutter stock.
    There’s this one – he’s bending the rules. . I can’t remember if Dylan smokes in Hush Money, or if I’m confusing him with another character.
    This guy looks a little older:
    The hair might be a bit short, but he’s all hunched over like he’s being secretive:
    Again, secretive kinda:
    This kind reminds me of the curfew thing:
    The lighting’s probably all wrong int this one:

    That is not easy stuff. I’m so doing my own artwork when I eventually get there.

    • Thanks for those, Liz. If I could draw, this might very well be a manga series. But I CAN’T, and yes, capitalization is necessary because it’s just that bad. Sigh. Finding the right stock is so hard. Thanks for all those ideas.

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  5. Jasindo

    I love making my own covers and posters, but I must say that just finding the perfect pictures takes the majority of the time and effort!

    This is the best I could find so far: Close-up portrait of a stylish teenager.

    Here are two others of the same model :
    Color Close-Up
    Black and White Close-Up

    And one of adifferent model.

    I’ll probably keep searching and commenting. The chase is addicting!

    Oh, and by the way, I LOVED Hush Money and can’t wait for Heroes ‘Til Curfew!

  6. Jasindo

    I am so excited right now because while the pictures I’ve found may not be the best Dylan, they certainly are the closest I’ve come so far. This model has a whole series with this particular photographer in which he is wearing a hoodie. Some are the same picture with a different background and/or focal point.

    This is my favorite one, although I’m not sure if it will help you out for the cover.
    This one is the same, but has different coloring and is cropped to the side.

    Here is the basic picture for one set.
    And here is the same picture with a background of the outside stairs of a building.

    Another basic picture.
    With the same stairs in the background.
    And with a background of a busy, lighted city at night.

    And a different pose with the same stairs. (I couldn’t find the one without the background)

    Then here are two other random pictures in this series:
    Hands Behind His Head
    Close-Up with Bright Lighting

    Tell me what you think!

  7. Jasindo

    Here are two more notable pictures:
    Another hooded model
    A guy who looks like he is doing something secret that is crime related (He may seem like he’s having too much fun, though.)

    Okay, I’ll stop bombarding you with pictures now. =)

    • These are really good. I have this problem where so many of these guys are so clean-cut looking, so the pictures with the hood might really help with that. Thank you so much!

  8. I shouldn’t be searching right now since I should be studying but I can’t help it. I love searching for images.

    I kinda like this one, though I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for.

    Or maybe him?
    Or him?
    Or even him ?

    Ok, I really have to go study now. I’ve procrastinated long enough.

  9. And I just realized that the one I marked for “this one” didn’t show up. DAMN! I already closed the window, too. 😦