Random Netflix I’ve Enjoyed Lately

Andrew said, “More babbling posts pleeze!”

As I’ve no ideas for anything this morning, it seems like a good time to make him regret that and do some more babbling. Today on stuff I’ve seen lately that didn’t suck.

Not a lot of reading going on around here, but I’ve watched some TV! I watched the second season of Castle, and am now desperately awaiting the third. If you haven’t seen it, this is a great show. Nathan Fillon (Firefly, Buffy, Dr. Horrible’s…, Blast from the Past, etc) plays Richard Castle, a mega-star mystery/thriller author. At the series’ outset, a bored Castle has killed off the main character of his bestselling series and is not admitting to being at a loss for what to write next. When he’s drawn into a homicide investigation because someone is copy-catting the crimes portrayed in his novels, Castle finds inspiration for a new character main character, Nikki Heat, in the person of NYPD Detective Kate Beckett.

The series is clever and fun, and to me it feels very much like reading JD Robb’s -In Death books. Kate is not the tortured character Eve is, although she does have a backstory. Castle is not 1/10th as slick–nor as wealthy–as Roark. But, to me, the way they work together, the way the sometimes unwanted civilian consultant seems to know a bit about everything, have connections everywhere, and loves to spread his money around, is definitely reminiscent of the early books in that series. And I dig that!

I think the series is a great bet for -In Death fans, writers, and Fillon fans. Fillon is just brilliant in this role. Writers will appreciate how he so often wants to take another look into a case that seems solved because, “That’s too easy. I wouldn’t have written it that way.”

Moving on, Kristen Lamb turned me on to Confession of a Shopaholic. This was a cute chick movie about a young woman with a serious impulse buying/credit card problem, and her sometimes zany adventures, managing to find time to browse and shop sales while dodging debt collectors. When she sort of accidentally lands a job at a finance magazine, writing a financial advice column, she’s a bit over her head. There’s a sweet romance with the magazine editor, lots of wacky antics, and somewhat moving descriptions of what a little shopping can do for the soul. Very amusing, a great movie for girls’ night or a girl’s night–just you and the ice cream, and probably especially appreciated by those who have had some problems in the impulse buying/financial responsibility department.

I put Batman: The Movie (1966) on for my daughter this week. She’s a huge Batman fan. We had a discussion about fav superheroes in the car recently. “Batman or Superman?” “Batman.” “Superman or Spiderman?” “Batman!” “Superfriends or X-Men?” “BATMAN!” So obviously it was past time for this introduction, to get our BAM POW ZAP on and watch some Adam West. I love the villains. They’re just awesome.

Toy Story 3. OMGBarbie&Ken!! Was that not the best Toy-Storyline evar? Ok, well, maybe just me, but I really enjoyed this movie and loved the Ken and Barbie stuff. Ok, you guys already know I’m a huge Barbie fan, so I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that.

That’s all I can think of just at the moment. I should probably end by saying that, since coming back to Netflix, I’ve felt they’re really bending over backward to not suck the way they used to. I’m really glad they made that decision.


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14 responses to “Random Netflix I’ve Enjoyed Lately

  1. Andrew Mocete

    Who needs Friday Flash when you got this? I smell series. “What’s on Susan’s mind this Friday?”

    Fun fact about Castle; The creator came up with the name Rick Castle because he thought when said fast it sounded like Rick Asshole. I always figured Castle was in reference to King as in Stephen, but the other one is funnier.

  2. There are so many TV series that I would like to see. But there are only so many hours in the day, and my husband and I both work full time, so we have to pick only a few and they have to be ones that we both like. So I’ve missed out on a lot. 😦

    I’m not sure exactly how Netflix works. My son has it and he can get all these different series, but don’t you have to have a high speed internet connection? (Mine sucks.) And when we want to watch a movie, we just pick up one from Redbox for a dollar.

    • Netflix has the DVDs in the mail thing (how I saw Castle), as well as the instant viewing via internet.

      My husband and I usually watch one or two episodes of a TV series at night, after our daughter goes to bed. That’s usually my knitting time. And we almost never follow things when they’re on TV. Though I occasionally will watch something during the day when I’m by myself, most of it is either with him in the evenings or stuff I see when my daughter’s watching and I’m working in the kitchen or something.

  3. Claire

    I’ve only watched a few episodes of Castle, but it’s delightful, and Nathan Fillion is well…Nathan Fillion. And therefore made of awesome, and anything he touches turns to gold. Or you know. He’s cool, I guess.

    I never saw the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, but the books are a lot of fun. I’d recommend if you want a quick, hilarious read!

    Ah, Toy Story 3, otherwise known as, the movie during which I bawled my eyes out in the theater, thereby thoroughly amusing my mom and embarrassing the crap out of my younger brother. The Barbie/Ken storyline was way cute. 🙂

    Love movie posts! (You should write about the one you just watched…)

    • Can’t add it to this post, this being a things that didn’t suck post!
      The actress in Confessions, Isla Fisher, is the one who played Vince Vaughn’s crazy sort-of-girlfriend in Wedding Crashers. She’s great.

  4. We have Netflix also. OMG! I swear it saves us like over $50 a month on the cable bill. We have the local channels with our antenna, unlimited streaming on Netflix via PS3, then our movie allowance which comes through the mail. If I miss one of the TV shows, I stream it from the web, and since we have the ability to hook my laptop to the TV, we can still get it on the screen.

    I think our NetFlix bill comes to be about $18/month giving us three movies checked out at a time. If we plan it right, we have a fresh DVD to watch every night.

    Netflix is a great way to save money if you’re one who can’t give up the TV. 🙂

    • Yes! That’s exactly what we do (except we stream through the Wii!). I don’t miss having a bazillion channels or paying $50-$100 a month for cable. The $18/mo is a great deal and the selection of kid stuff on Instant is great and saves my life regularly.

  5. Whitney

    I HATED Confessions of a Shopaholic, and I love both shopping and silly romances. However, Netflix streaming is my favorite thing ever.

  6. I loved Ken and Barbie in Toy Story 3! Especially the scene where he’s showing off all his clothes. Awesome.

  7. Monica

    I too am a fan of Netflix, I just watched the Impressionists and found out some historical facts that I wasnt aware of before.
    We just got ‘What’s Up Doc?’ with B. Striesand and Ryan O’Neal. Vintage Babs tonight!

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