Heroes ‘Til Curfew: Cover Art and Latest Info on the Sequel to Hush Money

Ok, that was the longest title ever.

I’m sure that there are some of you out there who fondly remember a time when I had planned this book to be a fall release, with yet another book out before the end of the year. Let’s all get that laugh over with. Life just happened all over me this fall, and I’m still trying to recover.

Work on Heroes is back on in earnest now, in a way that makes me feel like I’ve got a bit of my mojo back. At least enough to go to Robin and say: these are some things I know happen, these are some themes in story, etc. (Incidentally, I think the fact that I discuss themes with Robin, as well as characters, events, and set-pieces, might be why she’s able to come up with things that work so well. Or it could be just because she’s awesomesauce.)

So I have a cover. Here it is:

Heroes 'Til Curfew Cover Art

Cover Art by Robin Ludwig

I’ll give you a moment.

Do you love it?

Ok, so when can we expect the rest of it? Right now I’m saying January 2011. I hope you’ll all run right out and start up some best of 2011 lists as soon as you read it. ETA Release info: Since this post gets a bunch of hits from people searching for release info, I wanted to say that Heroes ‘Til Curfew still isn’t finished (*cringe* sorry!), and I don’t have a release date right now. I’ve added a line at the top of the sidebar with it’s status for your quick reference, and recommend signing up for the newsletter. I so much want to thank everyone for your patience and support.

I know that’s a while yet, although, trust me, it doesn’t seem like so very long from my perspective. I do, however, have a beginning. Imogen Rose was kind enough to include the first scene of Heroes ‘Til Curfew at the end of her latest release, Quantum. That “sneak peek” excerpt is just under two thousand words.

One thing I’ll tell you about the new story: it does not pick up right after Hush Money. A little bit of time passes between the two stories. For those of you who may now be going–

But wait! What happened when Joss got home? What did her dad say?

Hey, no one wanted to know that more than I did. I’m currently working on a short story which will serve as a sort of epilogue to Hush Money. Right now, what I have is being told from Dylan’s perspective. And all I can say is, “Poor Dylan.” Heroes ‘Til Curfew is my number one priority, but I hope to get back to the epilogue while Heroes makes the rounds with the beta and proof readers. I think it would be lovely if I could have that out for you around Christmastime.

As of right now, I intend for that story to be a freebie, a gift to readers who enjoyed Hush Money enough to sign up for a newsletter that will alert them to new releases and events in the Talent Chronicles series. Anyone who signs up for the newsletter now will receive information on how to download the new story as soon as it becomes available. (And anyone who doesn’t want to receive emails about new releases will be free to unsubscribe at any time.)

Did you know that Hush Money has now sold over 2500 copies, here in its fourth month of release? This blows my mind. That’s thanks to a lot of people who have written reviews, tweeted, and even hand-sold copies of the book to their friends, for which I am so grateful. And that’s a lot of people who will need to know about that sequel! If you’d like to offer help or ideas, please feel free.

Meanwhile, I gotta go write the damn thing.

ETA for PS: If any of you wants to borrow this cover image for the purpose of generating interest in the series and otherwise having something to blog about, please feel free.


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45 responses to “Heroes ‘Til Curfew: Cover Art and Latest Info on the Sequel to Hush Money

  1. Andrew Mocete

    Wow! Love the colors. And pretty cool both books start with H. Is going to be a thing or just a happy accident? Also is there going to be a print copy at the same time as ebook?

    • Thanks! So far, it’s just been accidental. I’d kind of like to do that for at least one more book, but we’ll see what happens. Now that I know how the print stuff works, I definitely want to at least try to get it out at the same time. Print takes longer because of having to wait for the delivery of the proof and approving that, so I guess it depends on how far I push the deadline.

  2. That cover is absolutely fantastic. I love the sense of motion. Fits perfectly with the theme.

    • Thanks, Mike! I like how the first one fit in really well within the YA Paranormal Romance genre (Should be just call that the Twilight genre or the Teen Vamp genre?) but that this one has more of a comic book hero feel to it. Or something.

      • I do love me some comic book heroes!

        And Or somethings. Or somethings rule.

        Your first book was a perfect fit for young adult. It had action, a bit of romance, and an engaging story that set up your world of Talents. (I was supposed to review that. Bad Mike. It’s on the list. Promise.)

        Looking forward to reading Heroes Till Curfew and finding out what Marco is going to do next. I don’t see him as the “let it be” type.

  3. I like! Is there a particular scene in the book that inspired this cover, or is it just the overall theme? I can’t wait to read it!

    • There is a particular scene, and that scene is one of a few that with this theme of leaping, trusting that something’s going to be there to catch you. Or, more accurately, the cover reflects the the fact that I listen to Breaking Benjamin’s Break My Fall A LOT.

  4. Oh, wow – it’s a really striking cover, I can’t stop looking at it. Wow, again. 🙂

  5. Claire

    Love that cover. SO much. 😀

  6. I love the cover! I can hardly wait to find out who’s featured on the cover.

  7. Lovely! I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  8. Imogen Rose

    Great cover! Posting a link on my FB!

  9. That cover is epic. His pose is just amazing! I love it, I really do. I didn’t know how another cover could possibly compare to the amazing cover of Hush Money, but this cover is really great.

  10. Absolutely lovely. The composition is great and helps set the tone for the book, I’m sure.

  11. Amanda

    I’m on pins and needles! Just finished “Hush Money” on my Nook and am ANXIOUSLY (read: Impatiently) awaiting “Heroes…”!!

  12. Jackson Bakse

    I like the cover for a number of reasons. 1.) I like the representation of movement. 2.) I like how it is not completely clear who this individual is. 3.) I like the color scheme, orange is one of my favorite colors. 4.) Finally I like the way it makes me want to read the book itself, I know one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover I do sometimes, books with interesting covers capture my attention and this cover does, so I am pleased!!!!! (Well as much as a 14 year-old can… lol)

  13. Stephanie

    Omgoshness I couldn’t put this book down! I finished it in like a day it’s a perfect balance of romance, comedy and everything else! Lol I wish that I had read the book layer on so I wouldn’t have to wait long for the second one to come out! Great job on the cover for heroes till curfew just like Hush money’s it’s perfect.

  14. Adri

    Great Cover… I love Hush Money…. I can wait for your new releace of Heroes… can you please tell us the release day…..please!!!!

    Great book… just love it!
    From Paraguay – SouthAmerica

  15. Sydney

    So I just finished hush money not 5 minutes ago… And I’m so ready to read the sequel that I searched it right when I finished. I literally cannot wait. It’s gonna be great!(:

    • Thanks, Sydney!! I just put my daughter to bed and I’m working on it Right. Now.

      • Aydney

        I think its awesome how you reply to every comment, im 14 and its my dream to be an author. Keep it up. Your awesome(:

        • Thank you! Being a writer, at least for most people, is something you do very much alone. There’s really no one coming around, looking over your shoulder, telling you if you’re doing it right…until it’s done. I so appreciate it when readers take the time and make the effort to tell me (or to tell someone else) that they think I did a good job. I figure the least I can do in return for that gift is to try to find the time and the words to thank them.

          • Sydney

            Well its awesome, and thanks, when I become a writer one day, I’ll remember you said that. It must me like an amazing feeling to know that people are reading something that you put so much time into and are enjoying it! That’s why I commented on this. Because you really are doing an awesome job. And I love it!

  16. Ekatarina

    I found Hush Money thru my Kindle. It’s new, a Christmas present…and I’ve been reading like mad. As a working mom of 3, reading has not been something I can do a lot of…BUT…I couldn’t stop reading Hush Money until I was done. As another said, after finishing, I *immediately*I looked for a sequel.

    Not to rush you or anything…~lol~….but keep it coming!

  17. Trish

    OK … I just finished Hush Money (literally) and have moved from my iPhone (where I’ve been reading it), to my laptop ’cause I figure it will be easier to search FASTER for a sequel. I’ve signed up for the newsletter ’cause I don’t want to miss out on hearing that it’s ready. And then I read the feedback, and thought … I really want to say thank you for a brilliant introduction to the Talent series, I LOVE it. I thought maybe I shouldn’t post a message ’cause that would just distract you and take you away from the grind of finishing the next one (I REALLY wouldn’t want to do that, lol). But here I am, posting anyway. Ummmm … are you done yet? Are we there yet? Will it be available soon … will it, will it, will it???

    • Thanks for your comment, Trish! This morning you’re distracting me from cleaning up after breakfast and getting ready to go out and sell some Girl Scout cookies, so no foul there. Ah, the interference of life. I’m now hoping that the sequel will be beta’d, polished, and ready to go by the beginning of May, but no promises. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more of the Talents, I do have a short story in an anthology called Kiss Me, Kill Me. Check out the Talent Chronicles page for links. And thanks again for you compliments. It’s always great to hear that someone enjoyed Hush Money and is looking forward to Heroes ‘Til Curfew.

  18. Marilyn

    Alright here is how it works you give me heroes till curfew now, or the little one gets it! Just leave it in a bag by my home and you’ll get her back lol I don’t know what I’m talkin about all ik is that I crave that book! Please with a cherry on top take your time but hurry up! lol jk take as long as you want and make the book completely and utterly fabulous like hush money I’m so excited for it. I don’t want to keep writing like a million paragraphs because I would if I hadn’t manage to grab hold of the ounce of self control that almost got away. 🙂 so I wanna tell you how I found the book on my kindle I was looking for a different book and I accidentally completely misspelled the book I was looking fOr and then read a sample of hush money and fell in love with it and not to sound rude but you shouldn’t charge .99 cents for it more like 29.00 lol I lOve u for writing these books

  19. Paola

    OMG! CANT WAIT! WHEN IS IT COMING OUT? And could you put the epilogue you were working on from Hush Money? That would make my day! Thanks! (For writting the books, being amazing, and creating Dylan!) YEI! *Start squealin like creazy, look around, see my mother looking at me weird. Ups!*

  20. Paola

    Hei! Just me bothering you again… is this book coming out this month? (may) Thanks! Cant wait!

  21. Paola

    Hei! Just me bothering you… again! Is Heroes till curfew coming out in may? Thanks!

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