Lessons from the Universe Continue to Plague Me

Some days are just full of headaches and embarrassments.

The headache is mainly just that I’m sick with one of those nasty, painful colds. At least we didn’t have a snow day for the THIRD day in a row. I know I’m not supposed to consider school my babysitter, but come on.

Anyway, I feel terrible about this, like I just have total promo fail. I can’t believe my reach is still so small that I can’t even give away 10 copies of a book. And it may be partly that Imogen and I have been doing cross-promo and she’s already tapped as much of my small network as she’s gonna. And it’s probably also that I had to go our around 12:30 yesterday, didn’t get home until 8pm, and then just crawled into bed, so the PM world didn’t really know about the giveaway. So basically, everyone who commented yesterday wins, and I appreciate it. I’ve already sent those out.

So a friend of mine, who is somewhat down, has written to me with some questions about self-publishing. And like the indie fiend that I am, I’m responding with a long letter, attempting to take advantage of his frustration and bring him over to the Dark Side.

And while I’m doing this, an email I wrote a few weeks ago come back to haunt me.

While I was away for that reunion thing over Thanksgiving weekend, I got this email from the people at BookBuzzr, basically saying: hey, since you’ve been with us, your rank has gone from this to this. Do you know how that happened and have any marketing tips we could share with our readers?

Well, now, you guys know that I am always happy to babble about that stuff, so I did. With my husband tapping his foot, I furiously typed this really long email in which I brain-dumped everything I could think of, most of which you guys have already read. Only, you know, I thought I was just talking one-on-one, and I was pressed for time, and I left out the self-effacing humble stuff that I actual feel, but just didn’t have time for that morning.

So in the middle of what’s supposed to be a kick-ass, indie-rah email to my friend, I get a promo in my inbox that mentions my name in a link. And follow it to the reprint of this previous email.

Now, don’t get all mad on my account. I say I didn’t know it was coming out, but I’m sure it was a misunderstanding on my part and I’m not mad. You’d be AMAZED and frightened by the amount of stuff that goes over my head and that I just plain forget. If you’re one of those writers who goes about in a fog most of the time and makes the absent-minded professor look like Franklin Planner-Man, you know what I’m talking about. (I am, actually, the antithesis of Kait Nolan. And suddenly the Anti-Kait has a ring to it…) But it leaves me sort of nonplussed and kind of embarrassed, and concerned about whether, perhaps, I came off as a big no-it-all with a huge, bloated head. Plus I might have tried to sound more smarter than I do around here, talking with you friends.

The lesson here, for all of us, is to remember to be careful in our communications with others, to pay attention to whether or not we’re projecting what we intend, and that what we say electronically can live on for a long time in ways we didn’t originally expect.

Heroes ‘Til Curfew, for enquiring minds who want to know, is going fairly well this week. I enjoyed the 2500+ words I wrote yesterday from Dylan’s perspective, many of which were written in Burger King, with its wonderful indoor playground. You know, when I mention fast food playland, NO ONE takes their kids to unhealthy places like that. Oh well. Deal. I got words down and no one had to die, and if someone had to suck down some chicken and fries for the cause, so be it.

I have now exercised two days in a row, and three times within a week. Now, I will grant you, it hasn’t been a lot of exercise, but I have turned on the Wii and done something, and I demand at least partial credit for this. Plus, there was water consumed that was not even carbonated. I know, right? But I did it anyway.

That’s it! That’s all the babbling you get for now. I have things to do, tissues to destroy, and vulnerable writers to corrupt, and I must move on.


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15 responses to “Lessons from the Universe Continue to Plague Me

  1. I didn’t think you came off as a big-headed know-it-all. Read it as a quick, concise bit.

    My .02, for what it’s worth. =)

  2. I would be absolutely mortified if someone published an email of mine but luckily, you’re a lot more articulate than me so you’ve nothing to worry about. πŸ™‚

    Really, I don’t see anything to be embarrassed about. You gave valuable information and they obviously appreciated it. Let yourself off the hook, you did good.

  3. I thought the email was wonderful. It compacts a lot of what you said in your kindle rank series, making it a quick reference tool.

    As far as your 10 copy giveaway, I wouldn’t feel so bad about that either. I’ve had a few contests with low entries. Sometimes books are the hardest to give away. You might get some people who enter every contest and could care less what the book is about. But I believe many people are selective. Is it worth their time to enter a contest for a book they may or may not read? πŸ™‚ Sometimes free isn’t enough, especially when folks have a to-read pile as high as the Empire State Building.

  4. If I were you, I certainly wouldn’t be worried about how that email sounded. You came off as knowledgeable without sounding stuck on yourself. It was very informative and I’m sure people will appreciate you letting them know “how you did it”.

  5. Agreed to all of the above comments. I think your email was a great, concise review of what people can do in order to increase their sales rank. Congrats!

  6. Honestly, I think your email was great! I know that you’d probably like to change some things, but that doesn’t mean anyone would see those differences as errors. (I hope that made sense.)

  7. Non-verbal communication is very difficult. Every person will read it diffierently based on experience, what’s going on in their lives, their favorite color, etc, etc. I’ve always been taught to write partially as the reader.

    By the way, when I go to playlands my son always makes me watch what he is doing so I end up leaving as soon as possible after the 1st few stunts. I can get nothing done! Congrats on your 2500 words πŸ™‚

  8. And thanks so much for Portal! Can’t wait to read it

  9. steph

    Don’t feel bad about the contest! I would have entered but I don’t have a Twitter, Goodreads or Facebook account. Crazy, I know.

  10. Kait Nolan

    Really? The Anti-Kait? That makes you sound like my evil nemesis and really, you’re so lacking the minions and hollow volcano base for such a coup. For if you had said minions, there would not be all these snow days plaguing you.

    And dude, you totally did not sound like a know it all.

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