Talent Chronicles’ Heather starts scrapbooking

Yes, I know I’ve got more important things to do but can I just whine for a moment? We’re on our 4th snow day in a row and the 6th in the last 2 weeks. My husband drove me to the grocery on Sunday and we had carryout pizza at my parents, and that’s been the extent of my outings. I have serious cabin fever and a lack of alone time, and really needed the kind of low-intellect project that might keep me from eating my young.

Enter Smilebox.

Part of what I did when I was in NY last month was take pictures. When I wrote Hush Money, I pulled a lot of the foundation of the town out of my own past. So, although they ripped up the bricks and ran a road down the middle of the mall to combat the kind of crime we’ll see in Heroes ‘Til Curfew (well, ok, not exactly the same kinds of crime…), and although the area has undergone a surprising amount of revitalization over the last decade, I was able to get some pictures of what Fairview might look like.

Yesterday I finally pulled those off the camera, Googled virtual scrapbooking, and started making pretties. I’ve always wanted to make a page of character bios for the site, bios from Heather’s perspective– since Heather knows everything about everybody. I haven’t done that yet because it seems so blah without images, images are so expensive and hard to find, etc. But I figured Heather was probably the one to do the Fairview Scrapbook, so I’m giving her the credit.

Anyway, if you want to see the way I monumentally wasted yesterday, you can find the scrapbook in the navigation bar on the top. It was a fun project, easy, and I’d do more if I had more suitable images. And no young were eaten.



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3 responses to “Talent Chronicles’ Heather starts scrapbooking

  1. What a cool idea. I can see this becoming a really nice bonus for The Talent Chronicles. I’m a fan of behind the scenes.

  2. This is so cool! When I was writing Haunted Lake, I was going to draw the “lay of the land”, but never got around to it. Things seem to really come to life when there are visuals. I’m glad you had fun working on this.

  3. I love this idea! I do collages of my characters and things that inspire me, but doing a scrapbook seems just as much fun. And something awesome for fans!

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