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When I look at my site stats, I find visitors have found their way here using such terms every now and again. So if you’ve come here from such a search, I thought I’d take a moment to redirect (and maybe even show up better in future searches).

About the first one third of Hush Money is available for free, and that’s a fairly sizable chunk, I think. You can see this a few places, but I think I’ll direct you to Smashwords. Because you can download the first third of the book for free there in a number of different formats, or you can view it online, and even if you don’t live in the US, it is available for you to purchase there. (If that’s not your preferred retailer, please check the list in the sidebar for others.)

Because, yeah, I haven’t actually authorized a free download of it anywhere. But once you read the first third of it, you should have a reasonable idea of whether or not you want to pony up the 99cents to read the rest of it. NINETY-NINE CENTS is all I’m asking for my work. I’ve provided it to you in multiple formats, at many different retailers, and even DRM-free in as many places as I can– because I don’t believe DRM protection will keep it from being pirated and that DRM is a disservice to my readers.

One third of the book as a sample, 99cents for the full book. That’s pretty damned fair. I realize that there are some pirates out there who like the feeling of uploading other people’s work. They feel like they’re sharing, helping out, I don’t know. And perhaps you have some reason why you feel it would be okay to take ownership of something I created without giving me any compensation at all. That would probably be an interesting thing to learn.

Because if you’re searching for the book, you must be a reader. You must have some appreciation for books and what goes into them. I’ve made my book easily available, I haven’t encumbered it with DRM to make your life hard, and I’ve made it really cheap. Maybe you just heard about it and didn’t realize it was so inexpensive. Now you know, and now you know where to go to sample it legally. I hope you’ll feel it’s worth the 99cents. And if you have some problem acquiring the book through legal means, I hope you’ll take the time to contact me.


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14 responses to “Search Term: download hush money susan bischoff for free

  1. I just can’t believe someone wouldn’t shell out just .99. Would those same people steal a .99 candy bar from the store? Same thing.

  2. *stand up and clapping loudly*

    I’ve noticed the same search terms in my own blog lately and I wasn’t even sure what torrent was. It’s sad that people can’t dish out a few dollars for a book any more and support a writer whose work they seem to enjoy. Stealing only makes it harder for us to make a living and produce more books.

  3. I consider your offer more than reasonable, ma’am, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


  4. Your book is worth a whole lot more than 99 cents but I can understand why you would sell it for that…to get more people reading it. Now that I’ve talked to you (well typed to you lol through email) I wish it cost more so you’d have more support.
    It’s so silly that some people would rather steal than pay 99 cents.
    Well anywho, kudos to you for taking a stand and speaking (err…typing) your mind.

    • Thanks, Amber. I firmly, passionately believe in this 99cent price point for a new indie author. I started to write a tome about that, but perhaps I’ll save that for another day. I think, actually, that I have a lot more “support” in terms of readership because so many people were willing to take a chance on an unknown at 99cents. Yes, if I’d sold at $2.99 and gotten the $2/book royalty, the 4500+ sales I’ve had would have my credit card paid off by now and then some. But I don’t think I would have had nearly that many sales at $2.99. And that’s ok, because I didn’t go into this new business thinking I’d make a living within six months. Hopefully, though, some of those 4500 readers will want to buy the next book, and the next. I’m optimistic that, as long as I do the work, I’ll be able to make a good wage by this time next year. And if that’s some kind of a trade-off in delaying higher royalties, I’m happy to make it.

      The thing that’s worrisome for a new author on the piracy/filesharing thing is that every sale is so critical. Since we don’t have anyone backing us, and all of the promotion comes out of our own time and budgets, we really need all the help we can get. I had no idea when I started how helpful sales rank at the major retailers is. Getting on those bestseller lists is so critical for getting more people to find you, there’s a ton of competition, and every sale is important. People who circumvent that, taking my work, reading it in secret, and never even recommending it to someone else, have enjoyed my work, given nothing back, and denied me more than my 35cent royalty.

      But I’m under no delusion that this post would make people those people who just don’t care change their minds.

  5. Shaka

    I’m sorry to say that I was one of the people who downloaded your books illegally, but after I read this I went back and bought both books one and two.

    P.s loved them!!!!!!! I’m a huge fan!

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