Won’t You Please Excuse Me?

The dribs and drabs, whatever I’m doing right now, it’s not working for me. It’s been suggested a few time that I try an internet break, as some people have found this refreshing. Honestly, when one of your biggest fears about turning off the internet is what your email inbox is going to look like when you check back…um, hello? Think maybe that’s a problem?

I remember having a discussion with someone a few months ago, and talking passionately about my need to create. I remember saying that there’s just so many ideas in my head, there’s so much I could do, so much I want make real, more ideas (this goes beyond writing fiction) than I could hope to accomplish.

And yet I’m not getting a lot of that done.

I don’t have a huge concern about my friends forgetting about me because, face it, my master ninja level of annoyingness has to linger for at least a little while. Mostly, I just expect to be lonely and miss you terribly. We’ll see how long I can stay away from you.


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13 responses to “Won’t You Please Excuse Me?

  1. Brian Hutchinson

    Don’t stay away too long and good luck. If you last 24 hours you will be doing a lot better than I would.

  2. I don’t post, FB, or Tweet that much (in fact I just set up my Twitter account yesterday), but I still see a big time suck. My husband fixed me a really nice “den” area in our excercise room where I can go and close the door and have quiet or maybe just a little classical music while I write. He’ll check on me from time to time and ask how much I have done. My reply? “Oh, I’m still checking email and commenting on blogs.” But I don’t want to lose touch with my author friends. I’m kind of a people person most of the time and need some interaction. But sometimes it’s overwhelming.

    Gee, Susan, I didn’t mean to hijack your blog. But it all boils down to how much time do you want to spend on the internet. If you need to get away for awhile, then maybe you should so that you can focus just on writing. But, yeah, we would miss you.

  3. Claire

    Wait. Does this mean you won’t be online at all?? D: *despair* But I totally understand. Internet breaks are awesome. I’ve never been able to stick it out for more than a few hours, but, ah, those few hours are always gloriously productive. We’ll miss you and we’ll be right here when you return. 🙂

  4. What? No warning? I’m going back to last week’s posts and pretending this isn’t happening.

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  6. I hate that you are having to go on internet sabbatical so soon after I discovered your work! I understand, though. Hopefully your break will be really productive and you will have Heros Til Curfew out to us soon.

  7. christel42

    I was going to “like” this post, and then I realized, wait, no?! Seriously though, I get it. A few days off usually does the trick, but it takes you an entire afternoon to catch up on emails and whatnot. Never fear: I’ll be waiting until your internet return. 🙂

  8. Hey, hon

    Enjoy your break and come back ready to visit again 🙂 Love your books! Can’t wait to read the next one.


  9. It’s funny how much the Internet becomes a time vampire. Mrs Dim gets in from work. She’s tired, she wants to change out of her work clothes, relax, talk to the kids. But she stops by the study first, just to catch up on Facebook. An hour later I go in and haul her out, force her to eat something. I can’t complain, I get way more time on the machine than she does, but thanks to Kristen Lamb I tell myself I’m building my social media platform.
    Enjoy your break, hope you come back refreshed.

  10. Sounds as if you really need a break. I usually feel much better after 3 days offline. I even took a trip to the zoo in the middle of January in a Chicago blizzard, since I needed a break. 🙂

  11. Clare


    Come back soooon please!
    Have Fun

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