The Runaways- Movie, not the comic

The Runaways

Maybe I can blame the fact that I had to watch this movie on Stacey Wallace Benefiel whose recent Bad Reputation post has had that song stuck in my head for days. But today as I went looking for something to strengthen my teen-writing mojo, I found that I had added this to my Netflix Q.

Despite the fact that the Netflix description focuses primarily on the Cherie Currie (the band’s lead singer) storyline, it is important to note that this is a movie about Joan Jett and is therefore to be listed with all things awesome.

It was, in a lot of ways, like every other rocker biopic with an emphasis on drugs and sex, because the music business is what it is. But, I shall repeat: Joan Jett. And lest anyone start wailing and gnashing teeth about the same actress playing Bella Swan who moons over some idiot vamp who likes to tell her he knows what’s best, AND playing our rock goddess, let me just say that I had no problem with the performance.

To try to relate this to our Friday hero fiction appreciation topic, I have to say that what’s unfortunate about this movie is its lack of heroic plot aspects. There’s really only a taste of Joan is awesome here. The story does concentrate more on Cherie whose heroism probably mostly comes about after the story takes place when she cleans herself up.

But, I did have a point to sticking this movie mention on my writing blog. At the end of the movie they flash up the little bits about what happened to main characters after the story and I learned this:

After being turned down by 23 record labels she created an independent label, and released a self titled album, “JOAN JETT”. Released in 1980, it was the most successful indie rock and roll record of all time.  In 1981, it was picked up by Boardwalk Records, and named “Bad Reputation”.  It spawned two hits: “Do You Want To Touch Me?” and “Bad Reputation.” (Source)

I thought some of you indies might appreciate that.

In other news, I’m taking my daughter to Florida for spring break for the next week. I’ll tell Mickey you said hi.


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6 responses to “The Runaways- Movie, not the comic

  1. Ah, this one looks intriguing….even though I’d sworn I’d never again see Kristen Stewart in anything, I’ll consider that maybe she can do other characterizations….LOL

    And Dakota Fanning, all grown up…amazing.

    But not to digress…Joan Jett’s awesome journey. Can’t wait!

  2. Stacey Wallace Benefiel

    I love Joan Jett and thought the movie was pretty good. I also had Bad Reputation in my head for about a week…and now it is again. Thanks. 🙂 Have fun in Florida!

  3. Tell Mickey I really hope to see him sometime this fall. If I can sell enough books to pay for a ticket. I’ll be bumming a ride and hotel room from my friends. LOL

    Boy, Twilight sure gets slammed a lot. 😉 Poor Kristen.

  4. I love this movie. And Joan Jett. And now I have to watch this again. Thank you.
    PS: If you like The Runaways, you may like Halestorm as well. They’re “new”. Well, new to me, and they came out in this decade so….lol. 😉

  5. I was hoping I would like the movie and I did. Kristen does get a bad rap as an actress… check her out in “The Cake Eaters” from 2007. She does a great job playing a girl with “Friedreich’s ataxia” – a genetic disease. A really good movie, too.

    Thanks for the review… now off to play some Runaways music!

  6. I was really impressed with Kristen Stewart’s performance, actually. It makes me wonder if it’s really just Bella who’s annoying…

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