#ROW80, Recs, and Talent Chronicles plans

So the ROW80 stuff… Proving that I can only concentrate on one thing at time, I missed my Friday blog post because I was working on planning out the future of the Talent Chronicles. This was something I had wanted to work on during this round. Agent Jane called me on Thursday and asked me to write something up for her about where I see the series headed. So of course I was like “Oh sure, no problem.” [hangs up] “Oh crap, where is this thing headed??”

Fortunately, all this stuff in my head that feels very scattered and choppy actually came together better than I thought it would. Me being me this meant I wrote over 8,000 words on Friday and by the time I was finished Saturday night I had nearly 11,000 words and 18 pages of notes for over a dozen more books. I think maybe this was overkill, but I sent it to her this morning so we’ll see.

The important thing was that I had an absolutely fabulous time doing this, and am so excited about what I’m doing.

And on to…

Recommended Reading

Save the comma!
Short and sweet, this post from Stephanie DeVita both amused me and made a good point. What are bits of bad writing advice you’ve read? (via subscription)

That’s my girl!
I’ve been out of it and totally out of the loop, so it should come as no surprise that I did not know that the reason Harry Potter hasn’t been available in e-book is that JK Rowling retained those rights herself, not because the publishers were holding them back. Oh! Jane Dystel talks about that and what it means for indie publishing in this post. After reading this, really, how excited am I all over again that this is the person representing my work? Very. (via subscription)

Novel Killer!
Kait and I used to exchange scenes every day and polish each scene as it got written. While we learned a lot by doing this and it helped develop our working relationship, overall it wasn’t good for the work and we decided that were going to stop editing on the first draft and avoid reading each other’s work until the draft was finished. Much better. In Meet the Novel Killer, the brilliant Kristen Lamb explains why editing the beginning before you’ve reached the ending is such a bad idea. While I kind of disagree about taking it to the extreme of not even being able to correct spelling errors when you see them, I do know that since I started to avoid reading and working my own early pages before the end of the first draft, I’ve been much more likely to actually reach The End. And when I do go back and read, I find a bunch of cool things I did at the beginning that relate to the end that I don’t even remember putting there. Awesome! (via subscription)

Speaking of Killers…
Nothing kills a read for me like overwriting. And in the ebook world where you’ve got 3 screens of text to snare me in the sample before I move on, if those three screens are full of wordy descriptions and the like, I might not even get that far before I have to go away. In In Which We Have Sprinkles, Writer_Monkey makes a nice analogy for this common problem. (via ROW80 Check-in)

And she was never heard from again…
Earlier this week I talked about the kinds of video games I liked. Topping the list are the Sims franchise from EA Games and Pop Cap games like Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. So then I came across an article announcing that EA has acquired Pop Cap. Surely this means my doom. DOOM! Okay, not recommended reading for most of you, but perhaps interesting to a few. (found because I got video game recs in my comments this week and was checking them out when I was supposed to be sleeping.)


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9 responses to “#ROW80, Recs, and Talent Chronicles plans

  1. jamilajamison

    Wow, sounds like you accomplished a lot in terms of planning and brainstorming! I absolutely love that feeling, where lots of loose ends and scattered thoughts can be woven together into something a bit more cohesive.

    Thanks for linking Kristen’s post. I’m notorious for working on stories, reaching the half-way point, figuring out a whole new way to fix the beginning, and scrapping everything to start rewrites. I’ve decided that this time around, if I’m going to get anything finished, I’m going to have to silence my inner perfectionist, throw down a basic skeleton, and then start rewrites once I have a complete first draft.

  2. Good going. I love brainstorming and opening myself up to all kinds of ideas. Just have to remember when I’m brainstorming with my hubby not to poo poo ideas. I’ll have to check out Kristen’s book when I get ready to edit. Sounds like she has some good ideas. Great links!

  3. I love that you’re really getting into this planning of future books. That’s a good thing for you and for all of us! 🙂 You sound like you’re really getting excited about the whole thing! Yay!

  4. you did so well – and leaving the editing suits me – as I really can’t get into it early – prob. for me because Its the bit I hate most!!

    all the best for this week

  5. Man, everything coming together when you’re pretty sure it won’t has got to be one of the best feelings ever! Congrats on getting the creative juices going and I hope it keeps up.

  6. Sounds like you’re doing great! Woo on 8000 words in one sitting!

  7. I like how Jane’s post is so short and to the point. Many bloggers feel the need to ramble on for 2000+ words, and who has time to read all that?

    I think how you decide to edit your book is a matter of personal choice. Some people won’t get to the end if they keep revising the beginning, but finishing isn’t a problem for me. I prefer to edit as I write. It works better for me than writing a slap-dash first draft that I later don’t want to deal with. I wouldn’t recommend that method to everyone, it’s just how I prefer to do it. I think we all need to find the method that works best for us.

    • @Lisa- I think Lynn Viehl, who is very prolific and has no problem getting the end, said once that she does her daily writing, puts it aside, and then goes back and edits that portion later that same day before putting it aside again. Works for her!

      I’m usually a rambly blogger.

  8. Catie Harrell

    I know the feeling of having everything fall into place. It feels awesome, and good for you!
    Sorry I am late commenting! Hope you have a great writing week!

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