Lady Mechanika: Steampunk Goodness in a Comic

I went to throw my Nook in the pool bag the other day and the battery was dead. After some wailing and gnashing of teeth I realized that I have plenty of paper to read. I have a whole stack of comics I need to get at. One of the things I tossed in the bag was the first three issues of Lady Mechanika.

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #1 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #1 at TFAW

Issues 0 and 1 sold out, so I read these in this spiffy collected edition. Issue 0 finds the lady in an underground setting, competing with bounty hunters to find a creature that’s been running amok and scaring to populace. What interests Mechanika is the rumor that the creature is partly mechanical, like she is. Could it offer a clue to the missing parts of her past? Yes, yes it could.

In issue 1 we’re introduced to a drunkard, widowed genius inventor ally who seems to me to have potential, and a leggy nemesis with flaming red hair–because what’s life without a little gratuitous girl-on-girl violence? The story expands as Lady Mechanika follows another clue that might lead to her creator.

Lady Mechanika #2 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika #2 at TFAW

In issue #2, the aforementioned redhead, Commander Winter, along with team, corners Lady Mechanika. Threats are traded and backstory revealed before the lady gets herself out of that mess. We’re introduced to the intriguing figure of Mr. Cain who might have something to do with Mechanika’s past. Meanwhile, the lady herself follows the trail to a gypsy circus.

If you have any appreciation for steampunk art at all, the books are worth the price for the illustrations alone, drawn by author Joe Benitez. It’s a beautifully rendered story, and the story itself is unfolding nicely.

Lady Mechanika #3 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika #3 at TFAW

Issue #3 seems to be delayed until after Christmas! Which sucks for me, but as it seems even the collected reprint of the first issues is selling out, it gives you plenty of time to track them down and catch up.

There’s a reason this series is so popular. And unlike some comics, I didn’t find myself having too much trouble following which bubble to read or what panel to look to next, so it’s probably not a bad one for those who don’t read a lot in this format. Check it out if you can.

Thanks go to Andrew Mocete who always gives good recs.


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3 responses to “Lady Mechanika: Steampunk Goodness in a Comic

  1. I honestly thought I didn’t like graphic novels or comics. But then I read a friend’s copy of Blood Work by Kim Harrison. Not so bad, after all! I still prefer a book, and the graphic novel has to be really interesting with great art, but I did have to revise my opinion of the whole thing.

    Lady Mechanika sounds interesting. I had never heard of that one before.

  2. Wow, not until Christmas? I hadn’t heard that.

    Unfortunately these delays can be the draw back of comics from small publishers, but you do get very unique stories. I’d call it an even trade off. Especially when the cover price is lower than the big publishers.

    I met Joe Benitez at last year’s Comic Con and I figured he’d have a nice line of fans waiting for his signature. Not. A. One. So I got to talk to him and tell him how much I liked LM. Nice guy. And he signed a special edition for me!

    • That’s cool! And not cool. And I don’t know about the date, TFAW’s got a preorder button and that’s the date they’ve got. I didn’t go looking at the source because my local store said they’d get it for me whenever it did release.

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