#ROW80 and Sunday Recs

Well, a bit of an oops on the ROW80. The goals I’ve been working on this week are blog, Twitter, Facebook, and email. On email, to clear my inbox every day. On Twitter to put in at least one period a day in which I scan everything, clear all my columns, respond to my @s. On Facebook, to make one update to my page every day. And when I see every day on this stuff, I mean weekday because I give weekends to my family and sometimes am not online at all. On the blog, my goal has been to stick to my blog schedule, writing posts ahead and scheduling them at least the day before. Which I’ve done all week, except for today’s which is why you’re getting it so late. I totally forgot about it–which is the reason for the scheduling thing. But all in all I think I’m doing really well on the social media stuff.

On the writing stuff it’s going great. I’ve done some really good work on the planning phase for HEROES UNDER SIEGE. I absolutely love this phase of the planning process when everything is fluid and I can pull up threads and weave them around, wallow in the stuff I love like backstory and theme. I said on Twitter this week that it’s like that beginning part of a puzzle where you’re just pulling out the edge pieces and setting them aside. Fitting some together if you happen to see the connections. Totally not like the work of actual putting the whole puzzle together or, you know, writing the book.

Recommended Reading

Save the Darlings!
“Kill your darlings” is one of those pieces of writer advice that makes me cringe. Yeah, no one likes to read someone else’s novelized D&D adventure, complete with inside jokes that didn’t quite translate, and that sort of writerly self-indulgence. But some of those darlings are what make it yours. And awesome. So when I saw this float by on Twitter, I had to click and check it out. Plenty of good advice here. (via Twitter @annerallen #MyWANA)

Being a teenager sucks!
Okay, yeah, I’m having another Happy Harry Hard-On moment, but this Pump Up the Volume fan moment is brought to you by this article by the AMAZING Chuck Wendig, Adolescence Sucks, Which Is Why YA Rocks which made me want to dig in and writer harder. It’s funny because I had been concerned that with Heroes ‘Til Curfew I was starting to get too ugly for my age range, and now Chuck’s making me wonder if I need to go put in some more fucked up shit. If you read or write YA, or if you gave up YA as a child because it was boring, give this a read. (via Twitter)

Life Amongst Pen-Muggles
Speaking of Chuck, you can’t get enough Chuck. I sort of hope that if I read enough his crazed brilliance will start to rub off. What It’s Like Being A Writer (via @shilohwalker on Twitter)

Stop the Buy My Book DMs!!!
If you read this post by Kristen Lamb, you probably wish everyone would read it and take it to heart. And so I link to it in hopes that we may all live in perfect harmony. (via subscription, but everyone’s all aTwitter about it)

Characters as messed up as we are
From the site that brought us the insightful facts about why we will probably all die at the hands (and teeth) of zombies comes 6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses over at Cracked.com. (got this one from @techsurgeons)

You can see I’m back to getting a lot of my reading from Twitter and I’ve noticed something. Teaser tweets don’t work on me. Tweets that are like: I enjoyed this post about blah blah blah, here’s the link– that works. Because I like some stuff you like and if you say you got something out of it, I want to check it out too. But I don’t have time to follow every vague teaser. If you don’t tell me what it’s about, then I don’t click.

What about you? What kinds of tweets do you find yourself clicking more often?


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8 responses to “#ROW80 and Sunday Recs

  1. I like that you are keeping your weekends free for family. It’s hard to achieve that balance. I think that clearing my inbox and responding to Twitter mentions has been a goal of mine as well, although I didn’t specifically write that one down for ROW80. It’s wonderful to have a writer and reader community, but things can pile up quickly! Best wishes on the planning phase for Heroes!

  2. C.M. Cipriani

    Good job on the writing goals! I’m still figuring out the social networking stuff

  3. You’re really on top of things! Good for you! Is this the new and improved Susan? LOL

  4. I agree about the tweets. I mostly tune out the “Buy My Book” tweets, as I think just having a presence is probably enough. I click-through on the clearly explained tweets for links, unless it’s a very good friend and then I will take a chance on the “You’ll laugh, trust me .”

  5. Ah, social media, a sweet waste of time. I know I need to develop a facebook fan page but I’m resisting it. I try to automate as much as possible and then I get sucked in anyway. I know this when my kids complain if I tweet at the table. I can’t wait for them to be old enough to rag them about it but Twitter might not exist anymore.

    Your blogging seems to be doing fine.

    The links you suggest seem worth a read. I started wondering why it seemed as if every two out of three writers I come across are writing YA – which I don’t believe is a genre but that is a private rant of mine. Maybe I’ll get some answers.

  6. @Julie- Welcome. Yes, they do pile up! I spent a lot of the last year really overwhelmed so my answer was to turn it all off and go away for a while. Not really a good answer. So I’m trying to learn what, exactly, I need to keep up with and to find a balance between this part of the job, the rest of the job, and my life in general. Thanks for the comment.

    @CM- Thanks. And no worries, we’re all still trying to figure it out.

    @LL- Yes, hopefully. New improved Susan is what I’m working on.

    @Elizabeth- What makes the Buy My Book ones easier for me to miss is that I mostly pay attention to my Favs column on TweetDeck. People who do nothing but Buy My Book don’t make it there. Another thing I noticed is that while I take article recommendations from Twitter all the time, I almost never take book recs from there. Hmmm…

    @Gerhi- Welcome. I agree that the AMOUNT of time some of us end up sucked into spending might involve some waste. But my very experienced agent, a bunch of other agents, editors, and writers I respect are now calling it part of the job. Given how much it’s done for me in the bit of time I’ve been on the job, I’m inclined to agree, so I’m going to put in the effort to continue and learn to manage it.

    I write YA because I’m good at it. It’s easy for me to think within the conventions of that…well, you don’t want to call it a genre, some people don’t. I’m not sure why other people choose it, though it may just be how much its bookstore real estate has increased in the last few years.

    In the recs I collect things that I find interesting for some reason or other, but they’re not always valuable to everyone. Pick and choose and hope you find something worth reading.

  7. Thanks for all the great recs to read! I am always looking for advice and insight on this new journey I’ve decided to undertake. And you inspired me to make myself a schedule too. My life gets so busy with working two jobs and school, that I really need to get myself organized to stay on top of blogging, specifically the challenge updates. I love it, but I end up updating a day late and then feel awful about it (which I know I shouldn’t cause things happen but, I still do! lol) But a schedule should avoid that happening hopefully. Congrats on your progress!

  8. thanks for those links very interesting – well done on your week and all the best for this week

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