The Marvel/DC Movie Scorecard

I dunno, this summer I think it’s been Marvel 2, DC zip. I’ve been thinking about the superhero movies I’ve seen this season: Thor, X-Men, Green Lantern, and Captain America.

Thor's first appearance in jeans.

OMG, Thor

I don’t even know why I liked Thor so much. I mean, okay, kind of coming back to me right now. But THAT doesn’t explain why this was the movie that made me want to go home and write some freakin’ Talent Chronicles! Like, seriously, there wasn’t really anything about this story that was like my story, but it got me excited about telling mine again.

The story was pretty straight-forward, but I think maybe the thing that pulled at me was how Thor changed so much by his exile. He was humbled. By the end of the 3rd quarter he was willing to martyr himself and was finally worthy of the position pretty much handed to him by birth, so he got his powers back and left to kick some 4th quarter ass.

X-Men First Class

X-Men First Class

I’m thinking it was the X-Men I saw next. And I have to say that it was just X-Men devotion that had me coming away liking this movie. It was no Wolverine. And I love James McAvoy, but making young Professor Xavier into a ridiculous Austin Powers character SO DID NOT WORK FOR ME. No, baby.

Ryan Renolds shows off his Green Lantern suit

Ryan Renolds shows off his Green Lantern suit

Green Lantern was disappointing. I was looking forward to this one, and I came out of the theater feeling blah. It’s not that there was anything wrong with the movie, I guess, but just that there wasn’t much there. This might also be because I’m more familiar with the Green Lantern origin story than with any of these others, but it just felt empty and what was there felt really cliched.

Captain America shows off his new shoulders.

How do you feel? Taller.

Saw Captain America this past weekend and I really liked it. Not love, but I really liked it. The story was good with, with all the right elements where they should be and it felt like a good balance between what was expected and stuff that was new and interesting. Although I don’t actually know because I don’t know the Marvel characters as well as I know the SuperFriends (lesson there: you had me a Saturday morning).

I thought they did a great job getting classic Captain elements into a story newcomers could enjoy. Pacing was good, styling was superb. I particularly liked their pick for Howard Stark, and you KNOW I loved evil Hugo Weaving because Agent Smith is totally grown up Anderson (see: Impulse Control) in my head.

What have we learned from this? Well, judging from my pics and top picks, I’d say that we’ve learned that, regardless of what I SAY, my judgement is pretty much totally based on shirtless brawn. But I’m sure there’s a lesson in that because women are turning out to see these movies, and comic book heroes aren’t just for boys anymore–ask any Smallville fan.

Also interesting to note, from my “superheroes need happy endings” perspective, is that 3 out of 4 of these guys do not get the girl. (I’m thinking GL got the girl, but that relationship didn’t have enough story/conflict to hold my interest, so I’m not even sure.)

So what about you guys? I know you have opinions about these movies. Tell me what you thought and why.


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7 responses to “The Marvel/DC Movie Scorecard

  1. The main hurdle DC has is that most of their characters are not as relatable as the Marvel guys.Movie wise, Marvel just seems to be better at finding the human aspect of the story, so the guy running/flying around in a silly costume is someone you’ll cheer for. Maybe that’s why Green Lantern gave you the blahs.

    Hopefully the sequel will be better or at the very least, have more shirtless brawn. That should smooth out any story issues.

  2. I saw both Thor and Green Lantern. I really, really wanted to see X-Men and Captain American, but hubs wasn’t really up for it, so I guess I’ll catch them on DVD later.

    I liked Thor a LOT! But I can’t tell if it was the story or just HIM that made me like it. LOL. I will vote for Thor as the most drool worthy hero I’ve seen in a long time. I did like the way he grew in character during the movie. This movie is also in dire need of a sequel. I want to make sure he gets the girl!

    I guess I liked Green Lantern better than you did. It wasn’t excellent, but I really enjoyed it. My husband and I are usually big super hero fans, so we see and like most of the movies. I used to think none of them would replace Iron Man in my heart, but Thor….yeah.

  3. I saw all four movies this summer and by far, Thor was my favorite. I usually don’t like superhero movies that much but, my friends decided to drag me along this summer to see all of them. I completely agree with Lauralynn, I’m also not sure if I liked the movie for the story or just because of Thor himself.

    My second favorite would have to have been X-men. I used to watch the cartoons back in the 90s and I’ve always liked X-men so this was kind of a given for me. I didn’t like the absence of Wolverine but, his 10 second scene in the bar was, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the movie.

    Captain America wasn’t something that I expected to like very much, but I ended up really enjoying the movie. One of the friends who I went to see the movie with is now obsessed with Captain America after seeing it. She forced us to stick around after the credits to see if there was a cut-scene. When we discovered it was actually the Avengers trailer, we all deemed it was worth the wait to sit through what seemed like the longest credit reel in history.

    I was really expecting more of The Green Lantern. When I saw the previews, I immediately thought that it was going to be amazing and that I would love it. However, when I actually saw the movie I had a problem focusing on the story line. For some reason, that movie could not grip my attention whatsoever.

    Overall I think the Marvel movies were the best and I can’t wait to see The Avengers. Also I heard something about a Thor 2 in the works, and I’m extremely excited to hear more about that.

  4. First, and most importantly, Marvel gets an A+ for eye candy.

    As for Thor, half of it was supposed to take place in a New Mexico town. I grew up in a New Mexico town, and I assure you, they picked up this town wholesale in the Midwest, including the people. New Mexico towns are one story brown stucco, not two story wood siding. Also, New Mexico towns have extremely diverse populations. These people in the movie all came from Ohio, or some other Midwestern state. Also, this town had a functioning hospital. For years, my son and I thought a one story brown structure in a New Mexico town where we go diving was a public bathroom. We were surprised to discover it was a clinic. I found all these inaccuracies incredibly distracting. However, Chris Hemsworth managed to draw my attention back in. 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America except for his uniform. The idea that he would go sneaking anywhere in that loud outfit is preposterous. But I get that the comics demand it, so I rolled with it.

    Thanks for your post, Susan. Really enjoyed it.

  5. What I think? Thor is predictable (within the first three seconds, I was literally reciting the Writer’s Journey that coincide with the scene and it’s spot on) though Chris Hemsworth was hot. X-men, I found myself wanting to go outside and eat Pinkberry yogurts instead. It’s too long and all I wanted was for it to be over with. Green Lantern-Ryan Reynolds is ripped but I like to know the story of the Green Lantern. I like the movie simply because I got entertained (and managed to sit through the entire thing without wanting to leave the theater early). Captain America, I love. I’m a fan of Chris Evans and the story drew me in. 🙂

    I agree with your judgment. 🙂 Green Lantern won’t get the girl for long. She’s gonna become a villain.

  6. Wait, are you saying that you liked “X-Men: Wolverine” more than “X-Men: First Class”? Because…don’t!

    As for the rest, I agree totally.

    Thor was brilliant in its structure, and while it wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before, the character of Thor himself was really what held it together so well. I loved the scene when he tries to get the hammer out of the ground; that’s where everything goes all topsy turvy!

  7. @andrewmocete- I wish you’d come out for coffee with Les and me Sunday morning. We had a long talk about Marvel’s and DC’s different TV shows that I know you could have added to brilliantly. ([cough]won’t you be my neighbor[cough]).

    @LL- You know what I think I love most about Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. Every time I see him being awesome the last few years, I just want to give him a hug. Of course, then my mind wanders off to what Heath Ledger was becoming and what River Phoenix might have been, and the teeth-gnashing starts. But RDj makes me happy.

    @Krista- I think I built up Green Lantern in my head a little much. He was my daughter’s favorite SuperFriend for a while and so we’ve seen the animated version of his story (First Flight, I enjoyed it), and we read some DC comics. They had ads everywhere. I think we insisted my husband take us on opening night. So we were probably a little over-primed.

    @Piper- 🙂 Interesting what people pick up on, isn’t it? My husband’s deal is weapons. It drives him nuts when they’re not from the right period or if more shots are fired from a gun than it can actually hold. And now I’ve started to notice too and I’ll be like– wow, is that a magical magazine of holding and they never have to reload?

    @Marilag- :high five: I totally followed this movie’s structure as I was watching it. It’s one of those that’s so clear you could teach by it. And even though, and probably because, it follows formula so well, I really enjoyed it. And yeah, credit where credit’s due, Ryan Reynold’s may not be bulky, but you and I could totally play jacks on his abs. (Oops, did I just objectify him out loud?)

    @Penrefe- Um…okay, I won’t say it. I think there were two main things at work there. One: that I just enjoy the type of story that Wolverine was (origin stories are my favorite things and origin of a single character works for me better than origin of all the different stuff going on in First Class–which WAS absolutely interesting). Two: that I was just really put off by younger Xavier as Austin Powers. I love that scene from Thor. I want to watch it again right now.

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