Call for Guest Bloggers: Pimp your book

I missed yesterday’s mashup post. Honestly, I’ve been so busy catching up on this and that I haven’t read many blogs this week–or spent much time on Twitter getting sucked into them, for that matter. I spent the whole day trying to fix my site after changing themes. You know what that’s like, right? In addition to the new theme, new buttons for everything, etc, I also have a picture of me (you may have already noticed my great avatar swap all over social media town) on my About page along with an extended bio. (Actually, there are two pics of me. One is…vintage.)

I sort of have some writing stuff to talk about, but in my head it’s very complaining and a bit ranty and I think I’m going to sit on it until it starts to sound a bit less antagonistic.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking (uh-oh) and thought I would use my writerly posting day to invite some writers to my blog.

If you don’t know, my books are YA Paranormal Romance about teens with supernatural abilities–mainly psychic in some way. I see my audience as primarily–but by no means entirely–female, and between the ages of 15 and 55 (you know, give or take). I write for fans of super powers and superhero fiction who are also romance readers and want some happy endings (, dammit!). I write for those who enjoy superhero types in TV and movies, but want to be able to read such stories in novel form, not just comics. I think my work appeals to people who enjoy shows like Buffy, Smallville, the X-Men and other Saturday morning cartoons.

Your book doesn’t have to fit this exactly. It would be some coincidence if it did. But if our target audience overlaps, if you think my readers would enjoy your book, I think I’m going to try having some authors over to review their own books. Because lookit, you know I’m uncomfortable reviewing my peers’ work and I WISH I had time to get more reading done but I don’t.

So here’s what I propose: If you have a book or series–indie or trad–that seems to fit and is currently available for purchase or free download in its entirety, send me a guest post. The body of your post should be about 500 words, describing your book and/or series, enticing me to go and find out more. You should also include:

  • URLs where any pictures you want used are hosted- I will link directly to these
  • A BRIEF bio
  • A link to your info hub (your website, blog, facebook page…the primary place–not all of them–where people are going to go to find out more about you and your books, get all your social media info, etc.)
  • Direct links to points of sale.


  • If you have links in the body of your review, they should be the pretty kind where the http://part is hidden behind the underlined words. I’m sure there’s a word for that; my brain is at fire bad tree pretty stage right now.
  • If the formatting of your post, such as image placement, is important to you, consider sending it in HTML as a text file*. Note that my blog is now a bit narrow and I think it only accommodates images up to 400 pixels wide.
  • If you only have links for your information at the end and you’re not making them pretty, at least shorten them using something like or
  • A list of tags for the post wouldn’t be a bad idea either, if you want

Assuming anyone takes me up on it, I’m thinking I’ll schedule these, probably on Fridays, in the order they’re received. I’m going to reserve the right to amend the schedule as I see fit, to pass on material I don’t think is a good fit for my site, and to call an end to submissions at any time. Once I have your post scheduled, I’ll email you the date I expect to post it and its link-to-be.

That’s it. If you’re interested, email your post to me.

*If conversational HTML is not your second language, you would simply create a blog post in your blog’s editing thingy. When you’re done, go to the view that will let you see the HTML. Select everything. Open something like Notepad and paste everything in. Save it as a text file. Attach it to your email. I will then copy everything from your attachment, go to the HTML view of my blog’s editing thingy, and paste it in. And it should come out all pretty.



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2 responses to “Call for Guest Bloggers: Pimp your book

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  2. Susan,
    I am shocked no one has taken you up on this. Your books rock; your blog rocks! If I wrote anything in remotely the same universe, I would be knocking on your door posthaste!

    Here’s hoping you get some response!

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