Don’t Let Kat Choose My Prom Dress! Contest and Free book offer

What kind of dress to buy for the girl who has…nothing in her closet but survival gear? Joss and I need your help to find her perfect dress for the prom. I know some of you don’t think Joss would go to her prom. Obviously you’ve forgotten about Kat. Think she’s going to stand for that? Now prom season may seem months away to you, but in book time, we need to get shopping.

What I Need From You:

  • Images or links to images of dresses. In photos with more than one dress, please specify which dress is your entry.
  • Optional: If you have a specific reason behind your choice–I think Joss would choose this dress because–I’m happy to hear it.
  • Optional: If you just love to shop and have suggestions for other characters in the series, please feel free to send those along, though they CANNOT be counted as contest entries. They’d just be helpful and inspiring and maybe help me get the book done a bit faster.

What the Winner Gets:

The winner, the person whose entry most closely inspires my final choice for Joss’s prom dress, will get bragging rights, a line in the acknowledgements for the next book, HEROES UNDER SIEGE, and be written into the world of the Talent Chronicles as a minor character in the book as well!

How the Winner Will Be Chosen:

  • I’ll choose the dress I think will work best for Joss and the story.
  • Where similar dresses are submitted, I’ll choose the image that was most influential in deciding me on the dress.
  • Where identical images and links are submitted, I’ll choose the winner as the person who submitted it first.

Other Rule-like Details:

  • All entries must be submitted via email to talentchronicles at g mail dot com. Entries made as comments to this page, blog posts, on Facebook or elsewhere will not be valid.
  • All entries must be received by midnight, Eastern time, on November 15th, 2011. The Winner will be announced on November 23rd.
  • You do not need to own the images to share them–links to articles about prom, magazine photo shoots, etc. are fine. These images will not be reproduced in the book, they are for inspiration purposes only.
  • Your personal prom and school dance photos are welcome! I may go get mine from my mom before this is over so you can chuckle at them.
  • Sketches and drawings are enthusiastically welcome. Please remember that any original ideas you submit may be used in the book and no additional compensation is being offered except as described above.
  • Please limit your entries to your three favorites. They can be submitted all at once or separately as you find them.

Free Book Offer!

To make this contest “no purchase necessary,” and still give everyone a fair shot at guessing Joss’s prom style, I’m offering ebook copies of the first book in the series, HUSH MONEY, free for a limited time. Just send me email at talentchronicles at gmail dot com by November 1, 2011, and ask for free ebook.

If you have friends who might enjoy this series, this is a great time to get them started. And I won’t be checking to see if people who asked for the free book submitted contest entries, so don’t be shy about getting your free book.

Help Spread The Word!

badge image for the Don't Let Kat Choose My Prom Dress Contest

I have high hopes for a lot of participation and fun with this, and that it will provide inspiration to do more contests in the future. Here are some things you can do to help let people know about the contest and about the free book offer:

  • Tweet about it and link back to this page.
  • Make status updates on Facebook.
  • Like Facebook updates that mention the contest.
  • Blog about it. Use the graphic below to make a quick and easy post.
  • Make posts to show off your contest entry.
  • Carry the contest badge on your website/blog.

For the badge, copy and paste: <a target=”_blank” href=””><img src=””></a&gt;

Info graphic for the Don't Let Kat Choose My Prom Dress Contest

Copy and paste: <a target=”_blank” href=””><img src=””></a&gt;


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4 responses to “Don’t Let Kat Choose My Prom Dress! Contest and Free book offer

  1. That sounds like such a fun idea!

  2. Ha, I am so not the right person to enter this contest, but I love the idea of letting your readers help you out. I have to consult my friends every time I need to describe clothing that goes beyond what a teenage boy would wear (which basically describes my own wardrobe). 🙂

  3. Brandi

    I honestly see Joss in something steampunk-y like..:

  4. Yay! Posting on my blog tomorrow… Will look out for a dress…

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