The Convergence of Jane Austen, Digital Awesome, Fiction and Fan Knitting

Cover image of Jane Austen Knits, 2011

Click to see the projects

There were interesting things to note beyond knitting in yesterday’s issue of Knitting Daily which was about Jane Austen Knits, 2011. To read all about it and see pics of all the projects, click here.

  1. There’s a whole special magazine issue devoted to knits inspired by the work of Jane Austen.
  2. Part of the title is 2011. This won’t be the only one! While I believe it is the first, a call for submissions is already out for the 2012 issue.
  3. Perhaps most awesome to me, personally, and my obsession with the digital age: the digital download is available NOW, while the paper version is available for preorder (and the digital iPhone/Android type version–what would you call that?–is coming soon to Zinio). For so long I’ve been whining about ebooks coming out AFTER the paper version, and here’s some true instant gratification, the download available when it’s ready and a wait on the printing. That is just AWESOME.
  4. Oh, and also I’m pretty sure I was briefly introduced to one of the designers from the issue while in the yarn shop some months ago. Of course I don’t remember her name, since I suck at that, and I don’t know what project. But still I it gives me a certain–ooh, I met a published designer!–sort of happy. I’ll find out, though.
Cover of Charmed Knits

Harry Potter inspired projects

I totally love how much fiction and knitting have come together. Part of what was fun as the Harry Potter movies came out was waiting to see what kinds of knits the costume designers would come up with, and watching those translated by knitting fans on the Internet. Harry Potter not only inspired a whole lot of kids to read, the series inspired a whole lot of people to learn to knit. I don’t know how many threads and blog posts I’ve read of people fearlessly going out and buying needles and yarn to embark on a Harry Potter scarf as their first project.

Jayne Hat

Jayne Hat from Firefly

And it’s not just Harry Potter, of course. Dr. Who scarves are popular with knitters, and, most importantly, the Jayne Hat.

There’s also Pippin’s scarf and other LOTR patterns, and check out this Google image search for Star Wars knitting.

Pippin's Scarf, LOTR

Click for Pippin Scarf

I’ve been thinking there should at least be a Talent Chronicles pattern for “Kat’s Girly Scarf.” Maybe I should work on that.

Meanwhile, who’s out there? Any fan knitters? Has anyone picked out a project from Jane Austen Knits, 2011 yet? I’m looking at those little slippers and also wanting those fingerless mitts at the bottom to be a whole awesome sweater.

My Jayne Hat and sweater set for Blythe

My Jayne Hat and sweater set for Blythe

Blythe Hatmione from POA

My Blythe Hatmione from POA

P.S. Reminder to check out yesterday’s post about my prom dress contest if you haven’t seen it. The winner gets to be a character in the next book.

P. P. S. I made a page with an offer for booksellers. If you know anyone who might be interested, would you please pass the link? Thanks!


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7 responses to “The Convergence of Jane Austen, Digital Awesome, Fiction and Fan Knitting

  1. Claire

    JAYNE HAT JAYNE HAT. ❤ I've bought so many as gifts and still need to get one for myself. You're making me want to knit, Susan!

  2. I tried knitting awhile back and got totally frustrated because I was so busy I could never find the time to finish anything. I ended up giving up. But this post, and the pictures of the Jane Austen inspired knits (which look amazing) have inspired me to reach under the bed and pull out my knitting bag. Thanks Susan!

  3. Wow. I’m going to make it my ambition to write a novel that one day inspires a knitting pattern…

  4. I’ve never knitted in my life, but I’ve crocheted. I think anyone who knits is extremely talented. I never dreamed there were patterns based on movies or books. That’s totally cool. You really should do some patterns based on the Talent Chronicles. It might garner interest from both readers and knitters.

  5. @Claire- every time you say that you know it just makes me scheme because I have a dream! that I will wonder make a knitter out of one of yous.

    @Kat- Yes! Pull out that knitting. Maybe hobbies don’t have to be about finishing? Maybe it could just be the act of knitting, yarn in your hands, watching something slowly develop beneath the needles? I know. It’s frustrating because we choose a project and we kind of want to have a project to show for all the work and sometimes it goes really slowly. Just trying to love the act itself is the best advice I have to offer.

    @London- I confess that while writing this I was sorry I hadn’t written more knitterunities into my first two books. My third is set in warmer weather. Good luck writing the next big knitter sensation!

    @LL- See, now I’m really glad I posted about this because fan knitting is just something I kind of take for granted. I watched a documentary about movie costuming once in which they talked about the Love Story hat and how many people in the 70s were making (I think it was crochet) hats like the one in Love Story, and how the hat was just some old thing the actress pulled out and stuck on her head because it was really cold when they were filming that day. I remember seeing those hats in my mom’s crochet/knitting books as a child.

  6. Yes! I would so knit a Talent Chronicles pattern. One of the first things I ever knit was a Doctor Who scarf…

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