Passion: now with #Buffy clips

Trying to get into the writing today. I know this is an issue of mine, but I just have so much trouble throwing words down on the page that I don’t feel. And I’m just not feelin’ it today.

I know there’s good stuff coming and I need to write my way through this stuff to get there. But my Internal Editor says that it should all be good stuff and if I can’t be passionate about it, I shouldn’t expect anyone else to wade through it. I need to figure out how to make it all good stuff.

Trying To Be Professional Me says I just need to put something down. Can’t edit a blank page, blah blah, maybe something awesome will just come out.

Generally, Internal Editor and I ignore Trying To Be Professional Me. Sometimes we also taunt her and slap her around. What can I tell you? Sometimes it gets ugly up here in my head. Sometimes we’re like the hyena possession episode.*

Anyway, what the subject of passion got me thinking about today was actually what Angel has to say in the unfortunate episode: Passion. Let’s review his thoughts…

More of my thoughts about putting passion into your art can be found in Write Hard, a post I did for the ROW80 community.

So anyone have thoughts about how to make passion happen? Is there a little blue pill for writing? Some kind of scriptodisiac? Do you have the secret of pushing past le suck?

*no pigs were harmed


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6 responses to “Passion: now with #Buffy clips

  1. I can’t write when it’s all le suck either. I generally go off, do some unproductive stuff, eat chocolate, and think about why it’s not working. Usually I have to fall in love with my characters again. Once I got so frustrated I just looked and them and said, “Well, what would you do?” And then I thought, oh, good point. And started writing again. The only other time I tried that my character was asleep and steadfastly refused to wake up. I had to work it out on my own. Turned out I’d taken a wrong turn and gone in a bad direction. Humbling experience.

  2. I can definitely understand the drain of le suck that makes you just want to skip writing anything at all, and I think sometimes, you’ve just gotta take a break. But I have to admit, the only thing that ever seems to break my bouts of le suck are just sitting my butt down and writing anyway.

    It’s like you’ve got this blockage of bad, useless writing getting in the way of the good stuff underneath, so you’ve got to purge that first and then the awesome will flow like a fountain of writing youthfulness.

    Or something. 🙂 And whenever there’s a bout of le suck, I just remind myself, as always, “This, too, shall pass.”

  3. What L.S. said. Sometimes I just have to sit down and write. And the more I write, the more I get into the story. Then the passion comes. Sometimes I don’t love my story until a few chapters in, then the momentum happens.

    Love the Buffy clips!

  4. Passion is an “unfortunate” episode?

    Passion rocked! Cuz, with the Jenny Calendar and the Buffy punching Giles and saying “You can’t leave me,” and the Angelus leather pants. Leather pants!

    See, it’s a lot easier for me to get passionate about other people’s work, especially stuff that really transported me, like the second season of Buffy. I tend to be one of those unfortunate writers who “needs to be inspired.” But if you can find some discipline in your passion and some passion in your discipline, you’ll be better off. Sometimes I lay down and “play” with my characters in the dark–talk as them, make up scenes, scenarios, even if that’s not what I’m working on at the moment. Stirs things up on a subconscious level.

    Hope the muse turns you on soon.

    • @Chris- I suppose I was thinking from the perspective of Jenny and Giles, but…you’re right! It was awesome! That whole season was full of awesome. Thanks for the perspective.

      @LL, LS, and AM- Thanks. You’re right, mostly I should just push through, make them play until they get into it and forget to be recalcitrant teens.

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I wish I was one of those authors who could sit down and write away like crazy, completely losing all track of time and making brilliant words flash onto the page with the ease of breathing.
    But I’m not.
    I’ve learned I can’t make myself get into the mood to write when I’m not. So I found something that works for me every, single, time. Even when every word is as painful as a tooth extraction.
    Here is my secret, never let me down yet:
    I set myself a goal of sitting at the word processor for a certain amount of time.
    Now that might sound simple and a no brainer, but you have to follow these rules:
    -all other distractions are turned off, everything…no other web sites or anything else on in the background but your work
    -you pick the amount of time, and the goal is simply to reach that time. You are then happy and nice to yourself simply by meeting that goal. No expectations of writing, just sit there and think about your novel, read a few of the past scenes, look at your outline (if you use one).
    …that’s it
    What ends up happening? Almost by accident, you just start writing things. You know you don’t have to meet any word goal, just a time goal…and you’re sitting there anyway and can’t leave, might as well write this word down, and that one…and the one after that.
    Oops…did you just write that awesome novel?

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