Yes, another teen movie

Last week I saw Easy A. I kind of loved this one. Some descriptions suggest that this is a twist on The Scarlet Letter, but I didn’t really see it. The book does play a small role in the plot, but it’s more of flavoring than anything else.

It all starts when Olive lies to get out of going camping with her friend’s family, fabricating a college boyfriend. The lie gets out of hand when the friend wants details about the date and jumps to the conclusion that Olive made it with fictional college guy. Which wouldn’t be such a big deal, if they hadn’t been overheard.

News of Olive’s sexual exploits begins to circulate, bringing her unexpected attention, popularity, and an even more unexpected request from a fellow student. This poor kid needs to be able to claim sleeping with Olive to avoid being on the receiving end of any more homosexual hate crime beat downs. Soft-hearted Olive agrees and the two mismatched virgins give a loud performance behind closed doors at a big party which is pretty damned amusing and cements the reputations of both.

But it doesn’t end there, and soon Olive finds herself in the business of letting guys at school claim they’ve been with her in order to boost their popularity and to keep her well supplied in chain store gift cards. Of course, eventually, this all gets way of hand.

What I loved about this movie was the snarky wit. I loved the way they talked to each other and at each other. Olive was a great character with brains, a good heart, and a hilarious and clever family. Other bright spots were Thomas Haden Church (who just makes me happy for reasons I can’t really explain) as one of the teachers, and the cult-like group of religious students out to get Olive.

Mostly, this is just fun, especially if you’ve already got a thing for teen movies. Netflix said, “Our best guess for Susan: 4.5 stars.” I think we can conclude that Netflix pretty much knows me.


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5 responses to “Yes, another teen movie

  1. Claire

    I haven’t watched this yet, but sooo want to! My roommate (well…I guess, now, ex-roommate; *sniffle) is OBSESSED with it. And your post makes me want to watch it even more! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    P.S. I agree that Thomas Haden Church is inexplicably delightful.

  2. I watched this a while ago and couldn’t agree with you more. I thought the writing was spot on and I thought it a great film. The name is of course a play on the Scarlet Letter, but I think to say it is a retelling of would be to stretchs too thing. I could accept influenced by instead. 🙂

  3. My roommate’s a big fan of this movie, but I’ve only caught bits and pieces of it from when she was watching it. I loved what I saw, though. One day, I should sit and watch the whole thing in the right order, especially since it kindled a growing adoration of Emma Stone for me. She’s just really good and I love her dry humor.

  4. Loved this movie, and am also a fan of teen movies in general. (And books, TV shows and music. I skew young, what can I say?)

    Thanks for the review.

  5. This is one of our favorite movies. Smart. Witty. Brilliant.

    Great review, Susan 🙂

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