Sunday Mashup and Mashup Tips

Recommended Reading

I’ve had these for a few weeks and keep forgetting to post them on Sunday. Oops.

Finding the Dream, Daring to Dream–no wait, that’s a Nora trilogy
But the dream can be yours! You guys know how much I believe a good critique relationship can help your writing. I really enjoyed this post on how to find your dream critique group. A lot of it is about knowing what you want and need and not being afraid to say so. (via @JamiGold on Twitter)

It’s not about the comments
I got really excited when I read this because the article focuses on a point I think is important: What is the purpose of your blog? Is it to get comments, is it anything to do with the blog itself? Or is it to sell your product? If you sell ad space on your site, then yeah, focusing on building a blog for the sake of building a blog, getting hung up on those metrics makes sense. If you don’t, then…are those stats really a measure of anything that relates to your actual business? (via @JamiGold on Twitter)

The Wheel: Been there, done that
Okay, yeah, I’m still on this blogging/social media thing here. I just got this newsletter in my inbox that supports the idea that everyone loves a good mashup. Sometimes people do write an excellent new take on some aspect of writing craft or social media or something, but it seems a lot of posts fall flat and turn out same old same old. Possibly that’s just a lack of time to devote to the blog and really get into your unique perspective. Know what’s cool? A simple post on 5 great articles about _____. Preferably, in which you write 2-3 sentences about why it’s a great post and why I should go read it. Mashups may not get tons of comments, but people learn to appreciate someone who’s able to find them good stuff to read. (newsletter sent to me by Kait Nolan who knows I think this is part of the solution to the repetition)

Mash-Up Tips
Here’s my recipe for a quick and easy mash-up feature:

1. Keep a Notepad .txt file on desktop called Recommended Reading.
2. Every time something interesting comes up, open the file.
3. Write a title and summary of the post you just read and include the link. If someone referred the post to you, it might be nice to credit them as well.
4. Save.
5. On mash-up day, open the file, select all, copy. Go to new post editor on the blog, click the tab for HTML, paste.

Note: I write in HTML with all my bold tags, hyperlink tags, etc. That’s saves me a LOT of time over copying and pasting the individual links into the link builder of the blog’s editor at the end of the week. If you don’t want to write in HTML, a Word .doc file, set to automatically make hyperlinks, might work better for you.

If you read a lot of blogs and really want to embrace the mash-up, you might keep a folder on your desktop with files for blogs on different topics. Then when you have a number of them you’ll have a practically instant post on 5 Great Blogs About _____.


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5 responses to “Sunday Mashup and Mashup Tips

  1. Sharon K Owen

    Susan, Thanks so much for this post.

    I am in a great read/critique group but I will take your suggestions and incorporate them there.

    I especially like the Mash-up guidelines. I’ve been wanting to add that to my weekly blogs but felt very overwhelmed by the volume of blogs I read and which I would choose. Also the organization of them — wow.

    Now, I feel I have a map to follow.


  2. Love your Mash-up tips! It something I’ve been meaning to add as a feature but haven’t organized myself yet. This will help. Thank you!

  3. Susan,

    This is fantastic! Thank you for including our link from Writers In The Storm, but I also appreciate all your mash-up advice. Your way is easier than the way I currently do it over at More Cowbell. THANKS!

  4. Hi Susan,and thanks so much for the mention. Yes, it is all about goals, which truly are the guiding light for a blogger/writer (or at least they should be). I see so many folks get caught up in comments and they seem to lose track of what’s really important to them.

    Anyway, thanks kindly for this and continued success to you in all of your writing.


  5. Christy Farmer

    Great Mashups Susan! Thank you so much 🙂

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