Jane Austen video game??

Matches and MatrimonyI’m so there.

Mass Effect 2Amazon’s got a lot of video games on sale this week. Like Mass Effect 2 (from Bioware, makers of Dragon Age) for $4.99 and BUNCH of casual games for $1.99 each (click link, scroll down). That’s how I found the Jane Austen based Matches and Matrimony.

A while back, I posted about what games I was playing and how I had really Surviving High Schoolenjoyed the text adventure, Surviving High School that I had found in the DSi Shop. It was in that post that commenter, Lisey, recommended Bioware games to me and got me started down that path, but still I really like the simplicity and choose your own adventure/romance of a game like Surviving High School.

Matches and Matrimony was fun. It’s not very complicated or active and if that’s what you need, look elsewhere. It’s mainly a fan game with a lot of reading. While it starts out very much in Pride and Prejudice, the story–at least the one I played through, was a combination of Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. There are three Bennet sisters, Jane, Lydianne–a combination of P&P’s Lydia, S&S’s Marianne, and Persuasion’s Louisa, and your character, whom you may name yourself or will be named Lizzy by default.

Game play consists partly of choosing skill-building activities for your character each week, Regency appropriate activities that build the Recency period desired characteristics of Wit, Willpower, Talent, Sensibility, Kindness, and Propriety. These, and your character’s energy level, affect what actions will be available during gameplay. The other part of the gameplay is the choices your character makes about actions to take and responses to other characters.

Matches and Matrimony Screenshot

There are 8 suitors, one named Wickeby, who seems to be a combination of Wickham and Willoughby, as well as Bingley, Darcy and others you meet along the way in the game. There are 9 possible endings. In a feat of spectacular matriomonial fail, I managed to unlock the “Miss Bennet” ending when I played and married no one.

I totally felt like this was worth $2, and maybe even the regular price of $7 if you’re a big Jane Austen fan and know all the books/movies practically by heart. It’s fun to see how the game marries the various storylines. Good luck dissuading Mr. Collins, though.

I would totally support a Buffy game of this nature, just sayin’.


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8 responses to “Jane Austen video game??

  1. I am not exactly an Austin fan (blasphemy, I know!), but this game sounds hilarious and awesome. Very much like the Japanese dating sim games, but with Regency era! And I loved that you unlocked the ending with marrying no one; is it terrible that I would strive for that, just because?

    I might have to consider splurging (yes, $2 is splurging) on this the next time I’m bored.

  2. Like, L.S. said, it totally sounds like a J-Dating Sim… Love them! Thanks for the hook up! And allow me to return the favor. This was a free, “home made” one I enjoyed playing (made by a person that plays these games a lot): http://jphinano.wordpress.com/2008/12/24/a-christmas-gift-to-new-old-readers/

    She’s also working on a new one that I’m totally gonna check out once it is done. http://renaiexchange.wordpress.com/

    I really wish there were more dating sims brought into the US… Like the Starry Sky franchise. But the US market is convinced “girly games” don’t sell and there are not enough “girly gamers” to support it. 😦

  3. Whaaa?! Mass Effect 2 on sale? I am totally snapping that up, because my boyfriend ended up with the copy we shared as part of the ‘divorce.’

    I would totally play the heck out of an Austen videogame. I am, I will openly admit, insanely obsessed with all things Austen. This will go on my Christmas list, alongside Marvel’s Pride and Prejudice graphic novel, which I’ve been dying to read for ages now.

  4. There’s a Jane Austen video game? That I need! Mrr and now that I’m addicted to Dragon Age… -toddles off to nab Mass Effect 2- Oh help me now, I’m never going to get any writing done! lol

  5. Christy Farmer

    Hi Susan, I have this game and love it. The completed game has a total of 20 chapters and my character did in fact marry Mr. Darcy. 🙂

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  7. I have the Jane Austen game and I love it…however I have only unlocked 2 endings one where I marry no one and one where I marry Mr. Collins.

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