Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share…

Recently I experienced the happy happening of catching up with a friend. I swear I don’t let my correspondence lapse just to make for more happy email reunions, though. It’s just a consequence of my burrowing instinct.

Anyways, my friend was asking me what’s up and said something like: I guess I’d know if I went and stalked you on your blog…

Well, those of you who stalk me at my blog know that I haven’t been giving you guys a clue what’s going on either. And then another friend said he was glad he found me when I was blogging regularly, because that was awesome, and someday I should go back to it.

So, however unintentionally dealt by my guypals, I come before you up to my eyeballs in blog guilt. And as I don’t have a whole lot to say, I thought I’d give you some of the major points of me lately.

The Awesomeness of Birthdaypalooza

I will tell you of Birthdaypalooza, so that you can be in awe of my sneaky brilliance. I’m not a big fan of my birthday in general. Maybe it’s the depression and how, historically speaking, I’m rarely satisfied or happy with how things go. Or maybe it’s the Universe messing me for whatever I did to anger it. Birthdays are often suck. So, in an attempt to be proactive about my 40th, I got with Kait Nolan and Lauralynn Elliott over the idea of a writer weekend. Kait’s birthday was on the other side of the proposed weekend, and, Kait being Kait, she reseached places to go, organized, booked the room, etc.

1. Have birthday weekend of fun without having to pick up the phone or actually do any work. Check.

And then, I live fairly close to Lauralynn, but she’s closer to Kait. So I got to drive to Lauralynn’s house and then she drove us to Birthdaypalooza.

2. Get out of doing most of the driving. Check.

And then we had so much fun! As we always do when we get together. I got to have a slumber party for my 40th birthday, and the party game was a round-robin of storytelling in the present tense about the zombies that were chasing both us and the hot guys we met (fictional us-es being, of course, totally unattached and also in physically fit enough to outrun even the fast zombies).

3. Have great birthday. Check.

Survey people, just quit it

Sadly, after having gotten through my entire birthday without a single person saying Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40 (and I got a lot of awesomely messages on Facebook and no one went there), I was filling out a survey this weekend and had to move to checking the 40-49 box.


Thanks. Why don’t you just give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?

Girl Scout cookie time is almost over

For me it was supposed to be pretty much over yesterday. But as WE WERE SELLING COOKIES IN THE SNOW! yesterday, we didn’t sell anywhere close to expected and are going to have to continue to try to move these last cases of cookies.

So people, when you see the Girl Scouts at their booths, please know that those troops have to sell those cases because they can’t be returned. I know it seems like a lot for a box of cookies, but the girls are really trying to run a successful business and earn money to fund their activities for the rest of the year. If you could spare a few dollars, they freeze great. kthx.

So anyway, what’s up with the weather. It was nearly 70 degrees a few days ago, I’ve had allergies from Hell all week because everything’s blooming, and then B and I left church to go grab lunch and set up the cookie booth and snow’s blowing everywhere.

Tornado Alley has moved?

So when I asked what’s up with the weather the other day when we kept going in and out of tornado warnings all day and I actually had to pay attention because I live in an ancient mobile home, I was told that Tornado Alley may be shifting. This way. Awesome.

The rule of 3.

Are we sure it’s a hard rule that bad luck comes in threes? Because my dog got hit by a car in the early part of the month. The vet said he got hit pretty hard, but he was incredibly lucky, came out mostly just cut up, and does not seem to be any smarter for the experience. Not a huge surprise. Training is not his forte.

The day I took Beau back to the vet to get his stitches out, as my husband was making a right turn on the downside of a hill and the car behind him slowed down to allow him to make the turn, the van behind that car, totally not paying attention, plowed right through. Totaled my husband’s truck. After hassling that driver’s insurance company to even go look at the damage and take care of it, they finally awarded him the expected ridiculous sum that isn’t near what a truck that ran reliably and would have for years was worth, nor nearly enough to replace it. Because that’s how it works.

So now we’re looking at having to take on a vehicle payment. My husband builds staircases. You know, the kind they put in when they build houses. Build houses? That is so ten years ago. I, personally, am not feeling the consumer confidence to be making big purchases I don’t have the money for, but no one ever asks about that before they smash into you.

Not that I’m bitter, Universe. Nope, not me. So if you in Your Infinite Wisdom could just hold back car-related trauma #3, I’d be so grateful. kthx.

Hush Money’s rank is up!

Just a bit of trivia. I’ve got a Bookbuzzr subscription for that book, so I happen to get emails about its rank and that’s the only reason I’m aware that it’s had occasions of being oh so close to cracking the top 10K again. And, if it did, I believe it might actually it a list. Which would be really nice. I can’t actually account for the increase in sales (though, understand, it only takes a few copies per day to make a big difference in the wilds beyond the top 5K), so I assume it’s gotten a few good reviews recently or someone’s out there telling their friends. Which is awesome. Readers are awesome. I want to hug them. Soon the lien-holder for my husband’s new-to-him truck will want to hug them too.

Heroes Under Siege is happening

Someday. I mean, I’m working on it. But I’m working well again. Hoping daylight savings time doesn’t smack me back into last month. Meanwhile, I’m remembering how excited I am to tell this story, and looking beyond it to the next few projects I want to work on.

Keeping the weight off

Trying to think of a few more good things to keep this post in the win column, and remembered that I weighed in on Wii Fit this morning and was down a pound. I hit my low in October, gained 5 back over the winter, but have been in a downward trend again.

Last night, after the whole snow + bad sales = not done with cookies incident, I decided to sulk and announced that I was going to be calorically irresponsible, don’t try to stop me.



And then after about 200 calories worth of cookies, I switched to Craisins. So I lamed out of my own self-destructive intentions. Which is pretty new and different.

Anyway, back to the Wii. It says that I’m on day 801 of Wii Fit, and that I hit my healthy weight zone back in April of last year, so I’m going on a year now of keeping my weight off. While I have been more active generally (because I can move freely now) and have had some fits and starts of exercise, this continues to be mostly from watching portions, being aware of calories, and making better choices.


That is all.



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5 responses to “Good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share…

  1. Claire

    Yay yay this was such a wonderful post! (Although, of course, not the bits about your poor dog and the truck. *HUGSHUGS* to you and yours.) Mostly it was wonderful because your voice is so wonderful and hilarious and wry that it fills me with delight every time I read anything you’ve written. DELIGHT. Like BUBBLES. ❀

  2. Birthdaypalooza was the most fun EVER. I’m so glad we got to do that and so glad you had fun, too. We live way too close not to get together more often.

    I hereby declare that it is NOT inevitable that a third bad thing will happen. Rules, smules. Your bad car thing will only come in twos.

    I just KNEW you would be back to working well again. I could just tell. πŸ™‚

    I’m so proud of you on keeping the weight off. You and Kait both inspired me to work harder on the weight and health thing. And then I had to get sick. Bleh. Can’t exercise with bronchitis (or pneumonua, still don’t know). But I’m still full of writing and healthy habit excitement from hanging out with you guys at Birthdaypalooza!

    So glad to see you back at blogging.

  3. Susan Kelly

    I’d miss you if you didn’t exist. And I only know you through “Hush Money” and your blog. I am waiting for the next one. (However long it takes.) May the darkness (of all kinds) be good fertilizer for brilliant stories, and keep quiet the rest of the time.

  4. The Lorax was great πŸ™‚ and the tornadoes were close to us. I’m thankful the real bad weather passed us. We literally were in the middle. Bad weather was above and below us. Oh in honor of The Lorax:
    I’m glad you had a great Birthday πŸ™‚ I spent part of my Birthday in February, at a hotel alone and loved it….my family let me get away and just think & write. I had never stayed at a hotel completely alone before. Now if only I would write as much when I’m at home…. God bless!

  5. Awesome updates! Thanks for letting us know πŸ™‚ Ans happy belated birthday, if I haven’t said so already!

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