“I am no longer surprised at you knowing only six accomplished women…”*

I’m feeling unusually productive and accomplished today. Where I live, school is usually out around the end of May. I suspect June 1st will be our last day this year. This being the last week of March, and me being the mathematical genius that I am, I have calculated that I’m wading waist deep in crap creek if I don’t do better and get more done on HEROES UNDER SIEGE damned skippy.

Yes, I did order this

The action plan which involves sitting on my couch, staring at the blank screen and waiting for brilliance to strike from above has not been working for me. Especially lately since I’ve a) stopped hiding from Twitter and occasionally start that running and end up going to check out all kinds of distracting links every time I get bored with the waiting for words to appear, and b) got Dragon Age Origins for XBox and have been busy making Alistair fall for me all over AGAIN.

Yesterday I watched Cloverfield. Yes, it did kind of suck. And it’s unfortunate that the avant-garde camera work (trying to be generous) distracts from the movie’s other flaws. Like it lacking all but the barest sort of plot. Which really bit because it had potential. What there was of a script I actually really liked. But then, I’m ridiculously fond of disaster movies.

Sidebar: Incidentally, I have this theory about Generation X. Why are we such a bunch of slackers? Well what, really, can you expect from a whole generation brought up under a constant threat of nuclear holocaust? I mean, that was a very popular topic of handwringing when I was in school, and the teachers were constantly telling us that Reagan had his finger on the button (like, all the time, and it was twitchy, because, you know, Republicans can hardly be trusted with such things) and it was a terrible thing that were all likely to be vaporized at any moment. I grew up in what was an IBM town, back in the days of IBM, and that, combined with our proximity to NYC, allegedly put us high up on some kind of target list and would surely be one of the first places to be wiped off the map. One Sunday we walked into church and there were these big maps in the parlor that showed an impact point and a radii of DOOM AND CONSEQUENCES, and let’s all go and pray for disarmament. And, us being so close to the end of the world and all, so many of our movies were full of post-apocalyptic wonder. (You all want to go watch Cherry 2000 now, don’t you?)

Okay, so I’m using the “product of my environment” argument for both my poor taste in movies and the getting nothing done habits. And now that we’re clear on how none of this is my fault, back to Cloverfield. While the plot didn’t inspire, as a disaster movie with all the running around and escaping, it gave me renewed inspiration for exercise. Because, seriously, don’t you ask yourself, “How long would I last?”

[Other questions to ask: Why would anyone wear those shoes? Why would anyone volunteer to live in NYC as it is nearly always the first place to be attacked by aliens.]

Key members of the secret Zombie Nation have been working with the media to convince you that you actually want to wear those heels. You can run but you can't-- oh, wait, you can't run.

So after doing some Googling regarding fitness for the zombie apocalypse, I decided to try Couch to 5k. Put this whole plan in place that I would get right in the shower when I got up at 5:30, do some cleaning while I was getting B ready for school, go to the track as soon as the bus left and get my laps in, then go sit at the coffee shop and get my words in. In hopes that merely putting my butt on a different surface would inspire, I guess.

But it did. I did all that stuff this morning and wrote more in one sitting than I have in quite some time. For the first time in a little while I think it might be possible for me to do All of the Things, provided all of my things are still fewer than all of Kait’s things. [Kait being freakishly efficient and aka She who does All of the Things, in case you didn’t know.]

In fact, I believe I still have a bit of time left over, and there are still Darkspawn that need some killin’.

"I hear she has dual weapon mastery." "I hear she wields a full-sized blade in each hand." "Hold me!"


“I am no longer surprised at your knowing only six accomplished women, I now wonder at your knowing any.” ~Miss Elizabeth Bennet


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9 responses to ““I am no longer surprised at you knowing only six accomplished women…”*

  1. Yes, seriously. When my husband’s grandmother pointed out my fat arms at Christmas, I wanted to say “Who here among us exercises 75 minutes a day, 6 days a week? Who can bench press half her weight? Who among us will be the only one to be able to actually RUN when the zombies attack? Yeah, that’s right me. Not any of the rest of you, so shut it.” Except, you know, she’s 80 something and one doesn’t say that to grandmothers. One just smiles and tries not to choke on vitriol. After hearing you talk about C25k and finding out from Alice McElwee that there is an app that lets you listen to your own music while still telling you “run now” or whatever it does, I’ve decided to try it. Looking at the program, going by what I’ve already been doing, I’m somewhere between weeks 3 and 4. And I’m going to try to talk hubby into doing it in the evenings. Maybe. He made noises about eventually trying to jog and this seems eminently doable.

    • So I walked/ran with the first podcast this morning. As long as those zombies are shambling at slow intervals, and as long as the apocalypse only lasts for about 20 minutes, I’ll be good. Otherwise I’m pretty much screwed. Since you mentioned apps, I got this one to try on Friday. I’ll see if it works as well for me as the podcast. I’m not sure I’d be any good at choosing my own music.

  2. That’s awesome! I think it’s good to change the routine up once in a while because you might discover a new and better way to get stuff done. The school’s out deadline is probably a strong factor too. It amazes me how I sometimes get more done in the short time before work as opposed to when I have the whole day off.

  3. Sometimes just shaking things up a little will spark the motivation. I’m glad you were so productive today. Do it every day and it will become a habit. That’s what I told myself this morning when I didn’t want to get out of bed and do my walking. But I DID it. I think we’re getting better at things, don’t you?

  4. asraidevin

    Oh I so want a team alistair shirt. ❤ ❤ my Alistair.

    I turn DA when I get grumpy because nothing makes me happy like killin' darkspawn.

    • I will probably go back for the Team Alistair shirt at some point. It’s shocking to me how genuinely happy that game makes me every time I go back. (Except that time I got dumped and I was genuinely unhappy, enraged, vengeful…)

  5. Argh, now I feel weak and puny. I never exercise. But I do think getting out to the coffee shop is a great idea. Forcing myself into the world always gets me writing.

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