The Internet: Why Life is Better Here # 815

Yesterday I wore a spiffy new t-shirt.

I spent a few hours at my daughter’s school yesterday with a handful of other moms. In the evening, I stopped in at church, GameStop, the grocery, and the coffee shop. It is fair to say that yesterday I was out and about.

Not one person said “hey, awesome shirt” or even cracked a knowing grin.

Sometimes I feel so alone. [cues dramatic music] Like some lone Whedonite, wandering in the desert.

For those of you who don’t recognize the phrase, maybe this will help…

And for those who do, let’s just have a “we happy few” moment of mutual appreciation.


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10 responses to “The Internet: Why Life is Better Here # 815

  1. “We band of buggered.”

  2. Awesome Shirt. I remember one of my favorite moments of the final season of Buffy was when they were talking to the group of young slayers and Xander did that same impression with a monster figure.

  3. Laura

    It’s funny. When I saw the picture of the shirt, my very first thought was, “Awesome shirt!! Where do I get one!” I bet people thought that yesterday too, but just never said anything. People suck. 🙂

  4. “Boring, boring, boring… astonishingly boring. We- we have to kill some cooler people. Will somebody remind me?”

  5. I want that shirt too! That is my email sound at work. I’m had to explain it quite a few times. What’s funny is the timing of an email that comes through when someone walks into my office that I really don’t want to deal with. It’s like it’s reading my mind. 😉

  6. @Andrew- I suppose so.
    @Alex- We should have a Buffy Marathon
    @Laura- Possibly. Though I never saw that moment of recognition you’d expect. And, if you didn’t notice, just click the pic to go to Zazzle where I got mine.
    @Gloria- Ah, Sunday…you weren’t with us long–and we’re all kind of glad about that, aren’t we?

  7. That’s my text message sound! And no one here gets it! I loved it when Tara did the grr argh. Love the t-shirt.

  8. omg I NEED that shirt! I am so hunting one down! 😉 And the text message sound! And the email notification! Omg I never knew any of this even existed…I’m freaking out right now–in a good way. And it’s perfect timing too since I geeked out on Firefly last weekend and am starting a Buffy marathon this weekend! Woot!

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