About how my cover designer is awesomesauce

It was brought to my attention by Miss @rebeccaberto, that someone has come out with a book cover using the same image as the one I used for Hush Money. Hey, it happens. There’s only so much stock photography to go around, as Kait talked about a while back. The book, I’ll Tell You Mine, by Pip Harry, released this week by The University of Queensland Press, doesn’t appear to be available around here yet, but it looks interesting. And part of what’s interesting is the coincidence of how much the character described seems like my Joss.

But actually, I was writing a post about it to say this. Check out these covers, side by side:

It’s very happy making to see how Robin Ludwig’s work holds it own–and then some, but I’m biased.

See the original stock photo here. Just don’t everybody start using it for book covers. You’re diluting the brand. 🙂 (I’m actually sitting here in a Talent Chronicles Joss t-shirt from Zazzle that I haven’t shown you yet because I feel dorky + I haven’t been pretty enough for a picture since I got it.)

Anyway, the lesson here is that if you’re looking for a cover designer, Robin’s your girl. And she has a new website!

/pimpage for Robin

Thanks again, Rebecca, for noticing this cover and thinking of me.



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6 responses to “About how my cover designer is awesomesauce

  1. do you have an idea of when your releasing the next talent chronicle book?

  2. Robin really does a great job on your covers. As far as stock images go, you’re always going to see duplicates. It can’t be helped.

  3. Darrell

    The cover of Heroes til Curfew looks a lot like the cover of Heroes R Us by Mainak Dhar. Dhar doesn’t give an artist credit, but the resemblance is uncanny.
    You might like Heroes R Us, if you haven’t already read it. Takes place in India.
    BTW, I just finished Hush Money, just downloaded more…

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