Superhero party! Pass the cupcakes. #ROW80

Just going to make it for ROW80 check-in today. Not a lot to report. After I made my words for the week on Tuesday, I basically took the rest of the week off. This and that going on, lack of time management skill, lack of inspiration, no lack of procrastination skillz, blah blah blah.

Well, yes, it’s sad that SIEGE didn’t write itself through in the second half of this week, so let’s cheer ourselves up with a virtual superhero party. Look, I’ve been shopping. Pass the cupcakes. And if you’re planning a real superhero themed birthday party in the future, Etsy’s got you covered with everything you need to make it special.

Superhero Super Hero Birthda…


Superhero Birthday Invitatio…


Superhero Candy Bar Labels &…


Mix and Match Superhero Cupc…


Comic Book Superhero Birthda…


Superhero Party Favors Treat…


Superhero Cupcake Wrappers


Superhero Sound Effects Set …


Avengers Thor Captain Americ…


8 SUPERHERO MASKS printable …


50 Superhero Mix Paper Straw…


Printable Superhero Collecti…


Batman Superhero Party Favor…


Superhero Sayings Fondant Cu…


Superhero BAM Action Cookies


Superhero Cupcake Toppers


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


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3 responses to “Superhero party! Pass the cupcakes. #ROW80

  1. I think I’m glad we’re done with the birthdays for a few months…too many ideas there 😀

    Here’s to getting back on the ROW wagon bright and early Monday! Wishing you luck for the upcoming week.

  2. We all have blah, blah, blah from time to time. LOL

    Really cool superhero stuff!

  3. Hmm, I happen to have a birthday party I need to think about in the near future….

    As for the “blahs”, Lauralynn said it well. We all have it from time to time (I just wish it didn’t seem to be so much time). You shrug, you pick yourself up and you move on to the next thing…which won’t be any problem for you. We’re all here to *nudge nudge* you along. 🙂

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