The Walking Dead video game

So, due to yesterday’s purchase of some Megamind/B.O.B the Blob DVD from the cheapy bin, I was able to grab a few moments of quiet this morning to check out the latest Game Informer magazine, despite it being Spring Break this week.

First of all, I wanted to address a few of the quotes from a feature called “Overheard at the GDC” (Game Developers Conference).

“At first glance, the logic [of targeting everyone] makes sense. Super mainstream games such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope have each sold ten of millions of copies. Attempting to replicate that success is natural. But in reality, if you are making a game for everyone, you are actually making a game for no one. The hit-based mentality takes you away from making a game that has a soul or is fresh.” -Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery creator Nathan Vella

Well, I’m not even going to explain to you writers why I’m passing that on.

“Personally, I don’t think I can ever follow up Minecraft, and I don’t need to. I still want to make games, but it is a bit scary to think that maybe I’ve already made my magnum opus.” – Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson

Hey, look, creators of awesome video games get subsequent book syndrome too.

“Lots of people want to make indie games, and they are usually waiting for permission to do it. All the information is right there. Just find some people and make a game.” -Doom co-creator John Romero

We talk a lot about putting out quality work, about studying and working on your craft, and not asking for money for your work until you actually have a product that’s worth charging money for. But, yeah, at some point you do have to stop waiting for permission and just take the leap. And besides, the best way to do that working on your craft thing is by, you know, doing the work. (Writing.) There’s a balance there, and I’m afraid I don’t know how you tell when you’re ready. I just know that if you ask everyone, there will always be someone around to dissuade you from moving forward.

I like the tone of that quote. Just go do it. Stop making a big, hand-wringing, forever-researching deal about it and just get it done. Then move on to the next one.

So those were some interesting thoughts from artists in another field.

Okay, so the highlight of this issue for me was the article on The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. This is supposedly set to begin in late April, as a monthly series for XBox, PS3, and PC, meaning it’s a digital download game, not a go buy the disc thing. It’s a single-player adventure that (I think I read in a different article) takes place at the beginning of the series while Grimes in in the coma. Your role is that of convict, Lee Everett, who escapes during the chaos of the beginning of the apocalypse. Along your journey, you’re supposed to hook up with a total of nine other characters for your party.

What interested me most about the article was it talked about player actions influencing the story. You know I’m into that. And this game seems to have a lot to do with group dynamics–you know, relationships. How you choose to treat the different people in your group and the actions you choose to take change the story you play through.

Anyway, I’m sure a bunch of you are saying, “they had me at ‘Walking Dead video game.'”

Anyone already have plans/pre-orders for this?


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5 responses to “The Walking Dead video game

  1. I’m not big on zombies. Unless there are hot Irish guys involved. I’m still hooked on Big Fish games. 🙂

    Do you play your games on your computer or a game console? (Forgive me if I’ve asked this question before.)

    • Since I got the XBox, I’ve been trying to play more on it and less on the computer and remind myself that the computer is for working. So that means fewer casual games for me, which is a good thing.

  2. jrwhitener

    As much as I would a more storied Left 4 Dead, I’ll keep a healthy distance unless the franchise-to-game stigma is avoided.

  3. Oh this is just one more reason for me to finally get an Xbox…I think I might have to break down in May (when my bday is) and buy the console so I can play the game. And with no college courses over the summer…oh boy…I will tethered to that thing! 🙂

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