Talent Chronicles at your neighborhood bookstore

Well, if your neighborhood is Somerville, MA.

Otherwise you’re probably SOL.

Months ago–I don’t know how many months ago, but it’s been some months–I made an offer to donate my books to libraries and to give free copies of my books to indie bookstores so that they could try them out without risk. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t gone out of my way to publicize this, but there’s been very little interest in the program so far. I’m not independently wealthy, so I didn’t want to get in over my head and didn’t shout it from the rooftops, but I did expect some interest and more word-of-mouth than what I’ve seen.

Not bitching, really, just reporting as it’s interesting to me and maybe interesting to my indie author friends (that I can’t even give books away, LOL).

Anyways, Massachusetts is the place to be for the Talent Chronicles in paperback. I sent books to the Somerset Public Library back in February. This week I had the pleasure of correspondence with Gil Barbosa, owner of family-run independent THE BOOK SHOP, in Somerville. Gil told me that he was putting my books in his window display, so if you happen by, feel free to snap a picture for me.


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5 responses to “Talent Chronicles at your neighborhood bookstore

  1. In today’s world, it’s amazing that people still won’t give indies a chance. But at least your books will be in MA! I asked my local library if they would like copies of my books and they seemed delighted. Now I just have to get them over there.

    Are your books at that bookstore on consignment or did you give them away completely free? It seems any bookstore would like to have books they don’t have to pay for ahead of time if they have the shelf space.

    • I offered them for free.

      • I should add that I get why bookstores don’t generally stock POD paperbacks. The unsold remainder of books sent by the publishing houses can be returned for credit. Once a POD book is printed and paid for, that sucker is yours. There’s no mechanism to return it, and so it represents a purchasing risk to the book store owner that traditionally published books don’t have. I get that. Which is why I decided to offer copies of my books for free in hopes that they might be purchased and then reordered (not in a crate, but one or two copies at a time), and the shop owners might consider me a good risk in the future. I think what it would really take to get any bookstore to consider putting an indie author on the shelf (on a case by case basis) would be a serious local fanbase–people coming into the store and asking that the book be ordered for them and showing that there is a demand for the author’s work that they’ll be getting met online if the bookstore can’t meet their needs. For the vast majority of us, such a concentration of fans who are that motivated to help us out in that way is very unlikely, so I don’t really see a solution for distribution in the physical world.

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Awesome! I dropped off a copy of my novel at a local bookstore about a month ago, but they haven’t gotten back to me. I know there’s a copy of my novel in a high school library back east, a thought that fills me with glee. 🙂

    • A friend of mine took my book to our local independent–right before they closed. I haven’t been to our library yet (:is shy:). Same for my high school. I always think about mailing them books with a note of hey, I used to go here. But I haven’t. I did slip a copy of Hush Money into the box when I took paperbacks to the used book store. And it seems they didn’t have trouble selling it as it was gone the next time I went.

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