Okay, so maybe I’m just a little bit jealous that two of my writer friends have moved into bigger and more beautiful houses this year. Generally I’m okay with the whole it’s a bit dilapidated, but it’s mine thing, but, yeah, we all have those days when we’d like to be a little more Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

I reached a breaking point yesterday when my husband said he wanted to take us to the lake. It was well over 100 degrees all weekend, and, as much as I wanted to participate in a family outing and not be party pooper, there was just no way this I could tolerate the great outdoors, unsheltered, for an entire afternoon. It doesn’t take 5 minutes in the sun for me to start burning.

So I really want to thank everyone who purchased Talent Chronicles books or encouraged others to try them in May because I took my recently acquired royalties for that month and bought a lake house. Which will hereafter be referred to as The Lake House.

The Lake House, brought to you by Coleman Instant Shelter

Spending 5 hours at the lake and NOT being a whiny byotch or, like, dying? Priceless.

Swanky, yeah?You can see here that I have used my mad decorating skillz so that, practically within moments of moving in, The Lake House has already gained the “homey,” “lived-in” quality we enjoy at home.

When my husband was in the Marines we lived right on the beach in Oceanside, CA. Like, the sand was my front yard. Tiny little studio apartment–the whole thing could fit in my living room now. I…was not in a position to love it, being all alabaster and all. But anyway, we always used to get together with the neighbors in the complex and do a big fourth of July thing. And someone would always put up a sign: If you lived here, you’d be home now.

But now I have The Lake House, so I figure I can be home anywhere. Not to be outdone by all the new furniture and accessories my friends have been acquiring, I bought a new chair for my daughter.

She’s reading Super Diaper Baby. I have an “at least she’s reading” sort of feeling about this.

For our next acquisition, we are discussing the purchase of DE-luxe, multipurpose beds that can be napped on in The Lake House, or on the water. (!!) Want to see the water? Here’s the awesome view from The Lake House.

View from The Lake House

This is actually my husband, who spends very little time in The Lake House, being someone who actually likes the outside (???) on a borrowed jet ski.

You know who really likes The Lake House? Beau. It was his first time swimming. I tried to get a good picture of him, but he was kind of camera shy.

Beau is camera shy

“Paparazzi needs to leave a dog alone,” Beau thought. “And I thought life as the dog of an indie author was going to be all ease and glamour.”
I don’t know how that rumor got started, Beau.

Diet Coke wishes, Pringles dreams, friends. Cheers!


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4 responses to “Lifestyles…

  1. Bill

    I have to say that my whole family had a much needed laugh this morning. I love the beach house.

  2. I love what you did with the place! Hee hee.

  3. Wonderful Lake House! Looks very cozy 🙂

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