I will finish the book that I started…for Kid President.

People have been wondering what happened to me. I mean, plenty more just plain forgot about me or aren’t interested, and that’s cool, but a number of people have been kind enough to ask where the hell book #3 is (but nicer than that), and I’ve been really rude and not answered.

Because that’s what I do when I’m upset. I go away and ignore everything.

I have life stuff that was upsetting. and it’s stuff I don’t have the luxury of ignoring, so something had to give. Writing, housekeeping, friends, personal hygiene… Apparently that was all optional and I opted out for a while.

But I’m back and freshly scrubbed. I shoveled chest high piles of crap out of my office–true story. I’ve started to get back in touch with a few of my friends.

And I’ve started over on Heroes Under Siege. I think the fact that I’m comfortable with the idea of starting over shows that 1) I’ve been away long enough that I can really clean slate it and start fresh, and 2) what I had written could not have been that awesome if I can be easy about trashing it.

What that means for you and the answer to that burning question–When is the next Talent Chronicles book coming out?

Well, I still don’t know. (And this is a huge part of the avoidance of everything and everyone, I feel like a huge failure and I HATE having to say that I still don’t have a book and don’t know when I WILL have a book.) At this point, the fact that is still IS coming out is a thing. But I hope the break and the fresh start will eliminate the foot-dragging and avoidance problems that have plagued it and that it will be soonish rather than laterish.

I’ve been working on notes for the series and the current book, refreshing my memory, getting solid about where I’m going. Yesterday I worked through Joss’s character arc for this story. Today I’m working on Dylan’s.

And…that’s where I am.

This is my new motivation:

  • Kid President wants YOU to be awesome.
  • If you refuse to make awesome, Kid President will be sad.
  • What kind of an ogre would make Kid President sad?


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7 responses to “I will finish the book that I started…for Kid President.

  1. I wouldn’t have dared ask you where that next book was. Because, you know, I understand how you deal. I knew when you were ready to come back out to play, you would do it. I always miss you where you’re away, but I understand sometimes you need to be. We all handle things differently. I generally vent and get it out there. You shut yourself up. If there’s anything I can do, or if you just want to talk, you have my number.

    That Kid President thing is going around everywhere. What an inspiration, right? “Not cool, Robert Frost!” LOL

  2. Welcome back Susan! Never fear, your brilliant writing is always worth waiting for.

  3. I noticed your absence, but I was trying to be a good fan and understand that authors are human beings with lives and stuff too… Now, saying all that, I am extremely glad that you may be able to get back to writing, b/c your writing is worth waiting for and I so look forward to more of it….

  4. Missed you! Glad you’re back 🙂

  5. Luna

    So I really thought you were dead, I did searches for you obit and everything. Glad your back and you are not forgotten!!! Your an amazing author, promise me more Dylan and I will wait

  6. The next book will be worth the wait, and don’t let the pressure to get it out make you crazy. Take care of you, and have FUN!

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