In which I am more puritanical than I think I am…

This is hardly enough of a thought to make a post, but it keeps coming up and I’m just going to put it out there.

I don’t think of myself as a prude. I don’t think people who know me do either. I like sexy books and sexy movies. I have this thing for “foul” language and the way it’s used for posturing, to show passion, for the ways it can be amusing. Etc. I’m not going to spend all day building up my freak cred here. Point: not a prude.

“Gird my loins”

I don’t know why this phrase bothers me. I would not use it. I don’t want to talk to anyone about my loins, and I’m certainly not going say, “I have something really difficult to do, so I’m going to go provide the region around my pelvis with extra protection.”

This is not something you need to know.

Also, as much as I try to be a modern woman (and, come on, if you’ve read Joss, and her relationship with Dylan, you’ve got to believe that I’m as feminist as the next person), I find that I’m not only puritanical but sexist, because I find it especially disturbing (if I had a word that meant a very low level of shockingly vulgar, that’s what I’d use here) when women say this. We women are definitely not supposed to be talking about…that area…and certainly not in mixed company!

Maybe I need to lay off the period drama…

So what about you? It’s just me, right? No one else is taking all this talk of loins as literally as I am, no one else is bothered by it, and, like many a Puritan, I’m just hyper focused on anatomy and have a dirty mind.

Okay, so if the rampant girding of loins doesn’t bother you, make a girl feel better and tell me what common cliche does bother you even though it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else.


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10 responses to “In which I am more puritanical than I think I am…

  1. I’ve never heard that phrase except in the Bible. LOL

    The phrases that bother me aren’t “dirty” sounding or anything, just overused. Two I can think of are “My bad” and “I know, right?”. And here in the south, one that REALLY gets on my nerves, and I hear it every day here at the office…”I heard that!” It comes out sounding like “I heard dat!”

    • Someone we know… uses that phrase– often multiple times per week, so I hope she’s not offended by the post. But lately it’s not just her. I keep seeing it and it keeps bugging me.

      “I know, right?” (aka IKR) is one of my favorite things to say, I’m sorry to tell you. I also make somewhat liberal use of “I hear dat,” and “my bad.”

      It’s just weird that this bugs me since I say all manner of things smutty and vulgar, but I’m put off by loin-girding.

      • It’s funny how certain things bug certain people. Phrases that are used over and over by MULTIPLE people just bother me in general. I like it when each person has their own little phrase that most other people don’t say. I’m bad about saying “for crying out loud” a lot. 🙂

        Susan, I can’t imagine you saying “I hear dat” unless you’re being tongue-in-cheek.

  2. Claire

    “Gird your loins” doesn’t bother me, although I always transpose the i and the o and end up thinking about lions? LION CROTCH. (?)

    I also love IKR. LOVE. Unabashedly.

    I’m also guilty of the Southern tendency to use “I might could do that” or “You might should try.” Bad, bad, bad. But I love it.

    • “i might could do that”. Guilty.

    • Oh, you Southerners, you try to drag me down into your sugar-coated deep-fried charmingness with all your adorable turns of phrase and creative descriptions. But, for some reason, though you know I despised living in NY, it seems incredibly important to me to maintain my New York State of Mind, and thus my identity and there are Things I Will Not Say. Among those are “y’all” and “I reckon.”

      Lion Crotch sounds serious, and like the kind of thing for which there is somewhere a very inappropriate greeting card offering sympathy and best wishes as you cope with it. Also, possibly, a prescription cream…

  3. It’s not just you. I despise that phrase. Maybe I read it in one too many bodice-rippers when I was young (I don’t read bodice-rippers anymore, except Diana Gabaldon’s, because those are time-travel bodice-rippers and that’s just too cool). I’m absolutely guilty of over-using “I know, right.” But I think it’s better than talking about fortifying my private areas. Just sayin’. 😉

  4. I don’t mind gird my loins precisely cos it sounds old-fashioned. Anything modern sounds ten times more vulgar to me 🙂

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