Letterboxing: Make hunting buried treasure your new hobby

And now for something completely different…

Letterbox found

Letterbox Found

Last weekend, for my husband’s birthday, we went letterboxing. I stumbled on the activity back in the fall when I was looking at Girl Scout badges our troop might pursue.

How fun is this? Someone gets a box. They put in a rubber stamp and a notebook, and they hide the box somewhere out in the world. Then they go online and leave clues to find the box. You read the clue, go out with a notebook, an ink pad, and your personal stamp, find the box. You stamp your personal stamp in their notebook and leave them a little note to let them know you were there. You use their stamp in your own notebook to record your discovery.

There are tons of letterboxes hidden away in parks, public gardens, and unexpected places. It’s a great family activity that gets us out of doors and moving around–together. It’s also a great way to see all those little places you’d probably never find on your own or never get around to seeing.

Who knew giant authors were sitting around in Knoxville, TN

Like a number of places we’ve found while letterboxing, I had no idea that Alex Haley Park existed. The day this photo was taken we walked around the university area and found another tiny park with gardens, and we visited the Knoxville Botanical Gardens.

Last weekend we visited a number of sites downtown, including one box which was kept under the counter at an ice cream shop. While that particular one may sound like more treasure than hunt to you, here’s the unexpected thing I found in a place I otherwise would not have entered…

Finding that made my day.

To learn more about letterboxing visit AltasQuest.com.


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2 responses to “Letterboxing: Make hunting buried treasure your new hobby

  1. I have never heard of letterboxing, What fun!

  2. denizb33

    How fun! Sounds like geocaching, but I like the idea of filling up a notebook!

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