Blog Posting Schedule

One of the things you’ll probably find, if you hang out with me for a bit, is that I like to learn stuff. I like to take stuff, analyze it, figure out what the lesson is for me, and a lot of my posts are me sharing those things with you. Since life starts on Friday…

Fridays are for Fiction Lovers

Superheroes, Heroism, and Romance days, for posts about…those things. I try not to do reviews in a traditional sense, but these are often posts in which I talk about fiction I’ve experienced (books, comics, TV, movies…), sometimes attempting to concentrate on a specific aspect like the superhero romance, the portrayal of heroism, etc. Sometimes I just want to tell you that I liked it!

Sundays are for Suggested Reading

During the week, I try to keep a list of online posts and articles I’ve found particularly useful. I share that mashup on Sundays with little blurbs so you’ll know what you’re getting. A lot are things for writers, but there are sometimes things for small business owners, knitters, creative people, superhero devotees…

Mondays are for Writers

I usually start off the work week with talk about work. My view on some aspect of writing craft, technical stuff about formatting, things for indies to consider, etc.

Wednesdays are for People Who Like Me

The middle of the week is my anything goes day. Sometimes it’s about the writing life, sometimes knitting, dolls, trials of housekeeping, and sometimes it’s about GIT: Goddess in Training, my quest to become a better me.


I participate in the ROW80 Writing Community. Expect to see ROW80 updates attached to Sunday and Wednesday posts.

If you find I have missed some days, do assume that I’m writing, trapped under something heavy, or find myself with nothing worth saying on the subject. After all, we’ve all got plenty to read without me yammering just to fill space.

2 responses to “Blog Posting Schedule

  1. I figured this schedule needed a comment to tell it how nice looks and that I’m eager to read the next post.

  2. I like your schedule, you have a great mix of posts. It is something I really want to get set for my site too.

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