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It is Done

Ok, so where did we leave off in my rambling about signing up for 70 Days of Sweat?  Last night I was saying that I wanted to finish up my editing of what I’ve already written and if I could get that done by Friday I would do it.

 I must admit to working on that a bit more after I posted, being up until just after midnight, and hitting it again around 7:30 this morning.  If nothing else, the format of 70 Days has made me get off my ass and get this stuff done so that I could figure out how to work my WIP into the challenge rules in a way I thought was fair.

Yeah, sometimes you talk to me and I’m just an off-the-wall bohemian anarchist.  And sometimes I’m such a stickler for trying to follow rules you’d figure I must have a rod in a very uncomfortable place (yes, like the backseat of a Volkswagon) to be this uptight.  Go figure.

So anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yeah, so I was editing.  Prepare for to enter the tangent, ensign.

Entering tangent, sir.

Yesterday I was writing and knitting.  Not at the same time, but sort of because sometimes I can think better when I knit.  But anyway, when you edit writing, know what’s cool?  If you forgot something, or want to add something to make it better, you can just slip it in there.  You don’t have to rip out everything you did that would come after the insertion.  You can save all that.  So, if you’re working on a list about why writing is better than knitting, there you go. 

We’ve cleared the tangent, sir.

Back on course.  Engage.

Yeah, so I was editing and I know there’s an extra 24 hours I want to stick in there (avoiding the how cool would that be IRL tangent- you’re welcome), but what’s the point of going over everything that comes after it with a fine-tooth comb if it’s just going to have be gone over anyway for the little and not-so-little changes that will necessarily come up when I add a day.  YET! it seems unfair to keep huge blocks of prewritten text to stick in later and then claim them as my writing for the day re: 70 days.  Right? 

So when I got to the point in my spiffy new draft where I was going to add in the day I was up to just under 20K.  I went back to the old draft and copied out the parts that I was pretty sure were going to remain intact with some tinkering and line edits when I get there, and added them to the end of the new draft.  (Draft 1.2, btw)  After doing that I had the 36,284 words that you see in my spiffy new (which should probably be one word) 70 Days box on the right. 

So, this is where I’m starting.  Now, stop messing around with copying and pasting and counters and blogging and go work.

Yes, sir.

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