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TweetDeck brings more Susan to Facebook

Some of you know that I just don’t get Facebook. I’ve tried reading Facebook for Dummies, I’ve tried spending time there…I just don’t get the interface and I don’t understand how we’re supposed to keep up with stuff over there. So mostly I just feed in my blog, make an announcement whenever there’s something announce-worthy, and have done with it.

Now that I’m coming back to Twitter, I’m trying to use TweetDeck to get a little more active on Facebook. I always had it set up so that I could post those occasional announcements to my Facebook profile and page. On my new computer, though, I’m starting pretty much from scratch so I had to set it up again. I remember getting the page set up being really difficult the last time I did it. It seems like TweetDeck’s made this really easy now.

I’m going to go over how I’ve got my TweetDeck set up for Facebook and how I’ve been using it. It will make a lot more sense if you’ve already got TweetDeck and can just do it with me. If you haven’t been using it, feel free to read my post about using TweetDeck for better Twitter management.

Adding your account

At the top left it says From: and there’s a little Twitter icon as well as a box with a + to add another account. If you click that, a box pops up. Use the Add Account button, choose Facebook, and follow the steps to allow Facebook and TweetDeck to work together. If you have pages, they’ll show up on the screen and you can check whether or not you want to use TweetDeck with them. On my account I checked my author page, but not my doll page because I’m not dealing with that right now. You can change this later by clicking on that button to add an account, selecting the Facebook account when the screen comes up, and then click whatever you like.

Now you’ve got more icons on the From: line. My Twitter account is my default (I only have one), and that’s what I leave on all the time. When I want to post to Facebook, I click to unselect Twitter and click to select my Facebook profile or page. Sometimes I leave Twitter selected to post the same update to both sites, but not often. Compose update as usual and publish. And I’m always sure to have only the Twitter account selected when I’m finished so I don’t accidentally post to the wrong account.

Adding a column for Facebook

You guys know how to add columns. At the top left it says TweetDeck and there’s a round button with a +.  A screen pops up. There are icons at the top and one looks like Facebook. Click that. You can get your full feed or just one part of it. I’m starting with just Status Updates.

Liking and Commenting

Hey, just me clicking like is more Facebook interaction that we normally see, and I guess it’s a nice way to let someone know you paid attention to what they said. In that column, if you hover over the picture of the update in question, you get 4 icons, just like with Twitter. But for Facebook these are: Comment, Like, Write on [that person’s] Wall, and Other (which has stuff like send message, tweet their comment, and other handy stuff).

To make a wall post without finding someone’s picture, select to post from your Facebook account. Start your post with the > character. That should bring up a list of your friends’ usernames.

When you click the icon for comment, a little box pops up below the update in which you can type what you have to say and click Add Comment. You may have to scroll your column to see it. This will also let you see other comments that have been made. You can also see those comments without saying anything yourself by clicking the comment bubble underneath the picture.


When people start having conversations in their comments, this is hard to follow with TweetDeck alone. TweetDeck will update to show that there are more comments, but a) you’ll have to click the comment bubble again to refresh and see them, and b) just because there’s new stuff doesn’t mean TweetDeck bumps the update to the top of the column. It stays where it is in the stream so that you have to scroll through the old stuff to find new stuff.

At this point, unless there’s a solution I don’t know about, you’re better off relying on your email to keep tabs on a conversation.

Again, I’m sure this is old news to some, but if there are any of you who, like me, like TweetDeck and fear Facebook, I hope you’ll give this a shot. I’m trying to post to my Facebook page once a day during the week and I think I’m doing an okay job coming up with something every day. If you’re active on Facebook (more power to you) and would like to stop by and help me get some interaction going over there, I’m sure there’s good karma in it for you.

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