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Nano/COD Update: Day 3

Such exciting post titles for me lately.

So, what did we learn today.  Well, I learned the following:

  • One cannot intimidate the Nano site with how many times in a row one can hit refresh.  It doesn’t care.  It is not impressed.
  • When making icing, don’t just put in the listed ingredients, pay attention to the consistency.  It’s easier to add a little milk to thin it out than to add a lot of sugar to try to bring thicken it back up.  Admittedly, that’s not really a learn, that’s more of a review, and a duh at that.
  • Even when it seems like you’ve been in a scene so long that you must surely have written over two thousand words, it is very likely that you haven’t written one thousand yet.  Do not be surprised with you it see the actual number.
  • Three year olds, chocolate cake, and NanoWriMo progress do not peacefully coexist.

 Ok, that’s probably about it, really.  My hero and heroine had their first conversation.  My heroine’s just sashayed back off-stage, and my hero is standing there dumbfounded and not knowing what will happen next.  Guess which character I resemble.

I’m up to 5778 now, and losing a bit more of my lead every day. 



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Nano/COD Update: Day 2

Ugh.  I just crawled through a patch of guy talk to introduce my hero.  The heroine just walked onstage and put me out of my misery, thank goodness.  But I know I’ve hit the point where I need to go to bed and I’m not going to do good work, so I’m going to stop at 1132, even though it’s not what I wanted to do today.

That puts me at 4081.


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COD Update: Day One Part 2

I sat down for my regular evening writing session and added another 1264 for a total of 2949 for Day 1.  Yay!  I had outlined three scenes for myself in a pretty detailed fashion to get myself started.  All used up now.  Tomorrow I guess I have to work harder.  But that’s ok.  I need 385 words tomorrow to stay on track.

Colby’s got her assignment now.  Tomorrow, let’s go meet Mac.  Wanna?


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COD Update: Day One Done!!

Ok, lately I’ve been writing at night after everyone goes to bed.  But I have some time to myself this afternoon and it’s the first day of NaNoWriMo and I’ve been rarin’ to go, so I had to jump in and write something.

 I did my first two scenes for a total count of 1685.  How do I feel?  Relieved.  That stuff came to me and that I made my goal for the day.


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Word Count Goals

I apologize for this post.  It’s just for my reference, and handy place to post this for me.  These are my daily goals for NaNoWriMo and Sweat2.  1667 a day during November, and 1K a day after that with a few days off.  It’s here so that I can check up on myself and where I’m supposed to be.


  1. 1667
  2. 3334
  3. 5001
  4. 6668
  5. 8335
  6. 10002
  7. 11669
  8. 13336
  9. 15003
  10. 16670
  11. 18337
  12. 20004
  13. 21671
  14. 23338
  15. 25005
  16. 26672
  17. 28339
  18. 30006
  19. 31673
  20. 33340
  21. 35007
  22. 36674
  23. 38341
  24. 40008
  25. 41675
  26. 43342
  27. 45009
  28. 46676
  29. 48343
  30. 50000 (+10!)


  1. 51000
  2. 52000
  3. 53000
  4. 54000
  5. 55000
  6. 56000
  7. 57000
  8. 58000
  9. 59000
  10. 60000
  11. 61000
  12. 62000
  13. 63000
  14. 64000
  15. 65000
  16. 66000
  17. 67000
  18. 68000
  19. 69000
  20. 70000
  21. 71000
  22. 72000
  23. 73000
  24. 73000
  25. 73000
  26. 74000
  27. 75000
  28. 76000
  29. 77000
  30. 78000
  31. 79000


  1. 80000
  2. 81000
  3. 82000
  4. 83000
  5. 84000
  6. 85000
  7. 86000
  8. 87000
  9. 88000
  10. 89000
  11. 90000

Really, post-Nano, my goal is just to write and revise until it’s done.  So the goal of 90K is completely arbitrary.  But that’s the plan.

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Sweat 2 Update: Just Around the Corner

Since Tom Hanks has established for us that no one owns the phrase Just Around the Corner.  That’s where Nano is.  Lurking.

I know what I’m going to write for chapter one when I sit down to write it.  I have a good idea about some parts after that, and a vaguer idea of others, and I know how the story ends.  What more can one ask.

Admittedly, except for making sure I have some details of chapter one clear, I’ve done more on book2 than COD this week.  But these things happen.

My schedule for this week:

  • Monday-groceries, errands, planning and putting together treats for DD’s preschool class
  • Tuesday-DD’s Halloween party at school.  Must deliver costumed child and fabulous treats in a timely manner, and hope DD doesn’t do anything inappropriate with shepherdess crook.
  • Wednesday-Halloween.  Must meet husband at mall with my parents for annual trick-or-treat ritual.  Horrifically loud food court supper followed by two floors filled with a few hundred children.
  • Thursday- NaNoWriMo begins.  Need I say more.
  • Friday- Sixteen year wedding anniversary.  What to do about that?
  • Saturday- Mom’s birthday.  Ooops, almost forgot.
  • Sunday- And that brings us around to Sunday, possibly notable only for the time change which should further screw with my life and schedule.  If my daughter is currently getting up at the crack of dawn, what time is the crack of dawn going to be now?  I can never figure these things.

 So there’s the plan.  How’s yours?

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Series Update

Book 2 just keeps coming at me. 

I came up with a supporting character for this book who I figured would probably get a bigger part later on. 

While I was out grocery shopping the other day, because driving is often good for my head, I had an idea for a hero.  Just a sense of a guy, what he looked like, and what his ability was.  I had to text (I’m really lousy at creating text messages, btw) the idea to Kettle to make sure I didn’t forget it. 

In notes from forever ago, I always knew there would be a child in the series.  One about whom I knew almost nothing and called “special child”.  The other night when Kettle and I were brainstorming, I decided that the child was someone they encountered on this mission that’s been giving me so much trouble.  But because the mission was failing, they weren’t able to rescue the child, so s/he would become the focus of another book.

Then I said hey, let’s put this character and this character together and have them go after the child in the next book.

And that’s how we got to doing that sort of overview of Book 2.

Last night I blogged as the heroine of that story and loved what I got from it.  I was really pleased with the complexity of the relationship.

Last night I said that I wished I was as excited about Book 1 as I am about Book 2.  This morning Kettle suggested that I just write Book 2 first.  With only a week to Nano, I just don’t know if I’m ready to jump into it, and I think it will be even better for my spending some time in their world in Book 1.

 Today, while doing that exercise thing, I got a huge amount of backstory on the hero.  Came home and spent an hour writing it down and am so excited about it.

I’m supposed to be sewing a gorgeous Halloween costume for my daughter.  In the immortal words of Dante Hicks:

“I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

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Sweat 2 Update

Not a whole lot to update you on.  Still in the pre-Nano stage of not actually getting words out.

I worked on the action of the second section this week and got a bunch of scenes more or less ironed out.  So that was cool.  The way it seemed to come out, the story is broken down into 6 smaller parts, with each one more or less a matter of starting in the aftermath of a big event and moving toward another one. 

 As for feeling more comfortable in the world yet, I’m really not there.  I blogged as Colby yesterday, and I really think that helped me get a better feel for her.  I knew that part of her was sort of outgoing and had a sense of humor, but also, that a part of her was the embittered loner.  And while parts of my notes deal more with the lighter side of her, blogging as her really reminded me about the hard edges she has that we need to see too.  So characters, better, world, not so much.  Too bad I can’t blog as a world.  And if anyone suggests that I should try writing newspaper articles for it, I just might go do that, and then Kettle might have kittens (or she might say hey, great idea! and go and do likewise–there’s really no telling), so let’s just not.

ETA: Kettle claims she’s drawing the line at writing newspapers, which, folks, is what she says now

Ps.  I blame a lot of this difficulty on the fact that there is no COD playlist.  Ok, well, there is one, but so far it just has Metallica’s Unforgiven on it. 

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Preparing for NaNoWriMo: More Great Ways to Procrastinate

I’m still not getting anywhere new, really, with my notes.  Mostly what I’ve been doing is writing down blocks of questions that want answering, but the answers aren’t coming.  I’m not part of this world.  I don’t own this story, and I’m not intimate with these characters.

And because I am Pot, I was talking to Kettle this evening and I was telling her that in the stuff she’s been doing in this first week of Sweat 2, it seems like she’s trying to find her voice and not making it.  She clarified that it was the characters whose voice she couldn’t quite get, and I agreed.  We talked about how, with her heroine, she’s sort of, as I like to say, made from the hero’s rib.  She’s created to be his match, but in only looking at her from that perspective, there are parts of her that weren’t thought through.  Because, let’s face it, a woman’s life does not begin when she meets the man of her dreams, even if it should kind of feel that way for them in a book.

So this is the point at which I opened my big mouth and said [paraphrased of course]:

If we had all the time in the world, it would be great to start blogs for characters.  Because in blogging as them on any sort of regular basis, we’d get a feel for what they’re like and how they express themselves.

This all goes back to that thing about how I think blogging helped me find my voice and made me more comfortable using it.

So after messing around with the idea of where to put such crazy things, I ended up making a blog for my heroine on LiveJournal.  I’m very comfortable with LJ and I love my client that lets me post to a few different journals.  Sadly, I couldn’t get the thing to work for both LJ and WordPress at the same time.  But after wasting a lot of time on the client thing, I set up my heroine’s LJ, had her friend the few people giving me technical advice, and she wrote a 2-line post.

I thought about starting one up for the hero.  And the heroine’s roommate.  And the leader of their organization.  And then I thought about creating a private LJ community where they could all get together and talk to each other.

And this is about the point where I realized that I am insane and that it is 11 days, 21 hours, and 56 minutes to Nano, and how much meaningful conversation are these imaginary people really going to have in that time?

Oh.  The evil evil thought just passed through my head to fire up The Sims instead and making little virtual dolls to play with.

I am so going to bed now.

 ETA: When Kettle got up, because she did not stay up playing on the internet until 2am (not even 2am my time!) she posted about what she did with hers.  Click here for the post.


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Sweat 2: First Check-in Day

Should have done this earlier.  Did you remember?   Just a quick post before I go check in with Sven, partly just to figure out what to tell him.  Also partly because I told you that I’d talk a bit more specifically about my as yet unnamed project.  Hey, wanna give me a working title?

So no words yet.  Yes, I’m one of those people savin’ it up for Nano.  Honestly, it bugs me no end the whole not starting until 11/1, and I think it’s a lousy rule.  One of the things that made me fall in love with Sven was that he doesn’t care where I’m coming from as long as I just do it.  So anyway, the upside is that I get two more desperately needed weeks to get my stuff together and really know what I’m doing so when Nano starts I can just write with less duh…duh….  You know. 

So I told you superhero fic.  There’s good guys and there’s bad guys, and they’re both recruiting.  By different means, of course.  I’m really solid on who those two groups are.  They’ve got names and stuff.  The good guys have a base of operations and a female leader with name, backstory, and possible future various stories already noted.  The bad guys are a bit hazier.  They need a location and facilities.  Their head guy needs a name, appearance, personality, and supernormal ability.  Ditto the sort of lead bad guy in the field for the story. 

Another thing I really need are words!  Man, I get tired of saying “ability”, “gifted”, and “normal” in my notes all the time.  I need a better vocabulary, even if I have made up words.  But I just have no clue what to do about that.

So what else.  I have a hero.  His name is Mac.  I had it in my head that I wanted him to go by a nickname so I wanted him to have a truly terribly name that would make a nickname mandatory.  Apologies to anyone else who has this name, but what Kettle and I came up with is Beauregard MacAvoy.  Mac is an exceptionally well-structured, deeply tanned house framer with curling blond-streaked hair and light green eyes.  He also has a tendency to accidentally electrocute people, an ability he’s been struggling to control and to hide all his life.

Enter Colby Sinclair.  She’s been sent by the leader of the good guys to recruit Mac because they specifically need what he can do on some mission that comes later in the story.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what that is.  Colby’s ability involves absorbing energy, and we’ll learn more about her and her painful past with that as the story goes along.

There are a lot of ways that Colby’s and Mac’s past experiences have shaped who they are, and there are a lot of ways in which who they are make them both perfect for each other and opposing forces at the same time.  Seems like something’s gotta change. 

My problem is, of course, coming up with the right plot points to inspire the changes and keep everyone interested and reading.  I like creating characters and plotting out their emotional journeys, and if they could angst their way through in internal monologues that would be sweet. 

But, since that would suck, I will be trying to come up with waaay more plot stuff in the next few weeks. 

And damnit, I give.  It’s just a working title, for goodness sake, and it’s going to be “Current On Demand”.  Maybe it will grow on us.  I’ll call it COD for short.  K?

Off to tell Sven about my 0 words. 

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