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Letterboxing: Make hunting buried treasure your new hobby

And now for something completely different…

Letterbox found

Letterbox Found

Last weekend, for my husband’s birthday, we went letterboxing. I stumbled on the activity back in the fall when I was looking at Girl Scout badges our troop might pursue.

How fun is this? Someone gets a box. They put in a rubber stamp and a notebook, and they hide the box somewhere out in the world. Then they go online and leave clues to find the box. You read the clue, go out with a notebook, an ink pad, and your personal stamp, find the box. You stamp your personal stamp in their notebook and leave them a little note to let them know you were there. You use their stamp in your own notebook to record your discovery.

There are tons of letterboxes hidden away in parks, public gardens, and unexpected places. It’s a great family activity that gets us out of doors and moving around–together. It’s also a great way to see all those little places you’d probably never find on your own or never get around to seeing.

Who knew giant authors were sitting around in Knoxville, TN

Like a number of places we’ve found while letterboxing, I had no idea that Alex Haley Park existed. The day this photo was taken we walked around the university area and found another tiny park with gardens, and we visited the Knoxville¬†Botanical¬†Gardens.

Last weekend we visited a number of sites downtown, including one box which was kept under the counter at an ice cream shop. While that particular one may sound like more treasure than hunt to you, here’s the unexpected thing I found in a place I otherwise would not have entered…

Finding that made my day.

To learn more about letterboxing visit


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The Internet: Why Life is Better Here # 815

Yesterday I wore a spiffy new t-shirt.

I spent a few hours at my daughter’s school yesterday with a handful of other moms. In the evening, I stopped in at church, GameStop, the grocery, and the coffee shop. It is fair to say that yesterday I was out and about.

Not one person said “hey, awesome shirt” or even cracked a knowing grin.

Sometimes I feel so alone. [cues dramatic music] Like some lone Whedonite, wandering in the desert.

For those of you who don’t recognize the phrase, maybe this will help…

And for those who do, let’s just have a “we happy few” moment of mutual appreciation.


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Too Many Babies

Seriously. I feel surrounded.

I had so hoped to be finished with Hush Money and have it out the door before my daughter’s birthday. Holidays of any kind stress me, and being at Chuck E Cheese’s, on a Saturday, with a bunch of 5-6 year olds is really more stress than anyone should have to deal with. But a good time was had by some, and I’m calling birthday #6 for baby #1 a success.

Baby #2’s name is Beau. We brought him home on Thursday. He’s a huge puppy of not quite 5 months. He was treated like the adorable puppy he is until he got too big to handle and had to find a new home. I’m exhausted.

Baby #3, Hush Money, is finished. I’ve sent it off for final copy edits. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on getting it to this stage because I’ve been waiting on cover art. Yesterday my cover artist finally decided to pull out due to some personal life stuff, but I’ve talked to a new one and I hope she can turn out something fantastic fairly quickly. I’d really like to have this out by the 1st.

Baby #4, Heroes ‘Til Curfew, is developing nicely. My basic outline is 3/4 finished–quarters 1, 2, and 4. Over the weekend I came up with the last missing major plot point, so I’m ready to hammer out part 3, I just need to sit down and focus without all these other babies dividing my attention. Not only is this story a bit longer and more involved than the first, but it’s got a lot more action/fight scenes that take me longer to block out. I’m anxious to get going on it.

Oh, and PS for more new babies. Doll stuff. I’ve been expecting some new ball-jointed dolls that have either been on order, or on layaway for, like, ever. My Unoa Sist showed up over the weekend. For the uninitiated, Unoas (when you can GET one!) come as unassembled kits. I was going to check mine over just to make sure she was all good and then leave her to put together at my leisure. However, possibly having realized that might be never, I ended up putting her together right away and now she’s waiting in the face-painting queue with the other impatient, unpainted dolls. Crescent Shop was awesome to deal with. I just got word that my layaway is complete and my Dollzone couple should ship out today. (Mint on Card Inc, great to deal with as usual.) So two more for the faceup queue by the end of the week. I need to find the energy for some pictures: birthday, new dog, new dolls, my obligatory collection comparison shots, etc.

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