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Angel or Spike?

Look, I know this topic seems a little past its freshness date. However, I also know that you know that I know that you still want to talk about it.

Obviously, this will be spoilery, so if you haven’t watched the Buffy series, get the heck out of here and go watch it, for goodness sake!! What have you been waiting for! What if the world ended tomorrow? Priorities.

When Angel showed up with his brooding and his shoulders, hey, I was an instant fan. The impossible relationship of a vampire and a vampire slayer was a brilliance that pushed all my buttons. I was captivated by this romance. When Angel turned, I was devastated. Again with the brilliance. Watching them on opposite sides, her guilt, the subtle sense and hope that the real Angel was still in there somewhere, struggling to get back to Buffy… :sighs: And then he fought his way back from Hell to be with her. That’s hot.

And then he left.

And that really wasn’t. Nope. That pissed me off. I quit watching the show at the end of season 3. The Angel series started, making it obvious that Angel wasn’t coming back, but then the first crossover episode gave me a ray of hope. Made me think that, maybe, there was some greater plan. So I watched. Watched Angel throw away a chance to be with Buffy again because, what? He didn’t trust the slayer to be able to take care of herself, and, ultimately, his own quest for redemption was more important than love. (I should probably mention that I still haven’t watched all of Angel because the show was a little too comedic for me. Someday…)

It was 7 years before I went back to Buffy to watch seasons 4-7. (Hold a grudge much. Oh yeah.) One of my best decisions ever. Because there was Spike. (If you’re hearing ‘Til There Was You right now, it’s just my head. Try to ignore it.)

Maybe part of what I love about Spike is his capacity for obsession. And not obsession with his broody redemption (although, generally, I’m into that), but obsession with the woman. I loved the way the series showed the darker side of Buffy, showed how similar these two opposites were, how they needed each other. I loved the way too outwardly strong characters were shown to have internal elements that were so susceptible to injury by others, and by each other.

There was an openness to Spike’s character that I never felt from Angel. Something that allowed him to be hurt, and for me, as a fan of the fiction, to also experience that, in a way that Angel never did for me.

Spike comes across as more selfish, while Angel can be all broodingly selfless and off to save the world. And that seems very heroic. But in terms of the romance, Spike’s selfishness felt like the you and I are all that matters and screw the rest of the world variety, with a bit of well, ok, I’ll face horrific demons, torture, etc., but only because it’s important to you, sweetie.

Really, I think that’s all any of us can ask from a mate.

So, how about you. Is it Spike or Angel? And why?


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WOTM Update: Plotting the End

I just dumped a few more words I’ve been working on into the draft, updated my counters, and then I went back to the post where I started the Sweat and checked my math.  Turns out I was off by a few hundred words.  In my favor, so that was nice, but I’m still over 8500 words behind with 7 days to go.

So you’d think I’d be writing like the devil.  No such luck.  I’ve still been stuck for how this all works out.  But Kettle’s been really cool about taking time to brainstorm with me the last couple days, and I think I’ve got some ideas that are going to work just fine.

Incidentally, working with Kettle today was funny.  Not funny ha ha, but funny strange.  Usually, I feel like I want her to like my ideas.  If she likes my ideas then I can get excited about them and and run with it and start coming up with more stuff in that direction.  Today, she was skeptical.  Very skeptical.  But since the tiniest flicker of Plan A was all I had to present, I sold it.  I pleaded my case.  And in doing so, probably fleshed it out a lot better than if she had said “I like it; go with it.”

Whooda thunkit?

Tangent: That’s triggering some random “Eight is Enough” memory in which the kids are sitting at the table and Susan keeps saying “Who would’ve thought?”  Why is she saying that?  I don’t know.  I think maybe David and Janet broke up and she’s saying “David and Janet.  Who would’ve thought?”  But I’m not sure.  Bradfords stuck in my head is always somewhat disturbing, and I really need to get back to Matt and Alex, so– /Tangent

Back to plotting the end.  I didn’t really have a solid end in mind for the action plot.  You know, it was something about facing off with the bad guys and surviving, blah blah.  I thought as I got to know the characters and found details of the story, that it would just come to me.  But no, not really.  I decided to jump to the very end, try to think that through, and then think backward to where I am.  Ok, this would work for a satifsying ending that would tie things up nicely.  Great.  For that to happen I need this to happen.  So I need them to do this first.  And gradually I’m working my way back to where I left off.  It’s not what I’ve been doing, but I’ve found that the Sweat Challenge is really quite motivating for making someone desperate enough to try anything! encouraging new avenues of thought.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been getting a lot of words down, just notes.  So, for the “in case my counters blow up” update:

792 since last check-in, 48,416 for the Sweat, and 84,700 total.

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Thursday 13 #5: TV Shows I’ve…Finessed

Like many people, the first stories in my head began from the ones I saw on TV.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t go off with TV characters into new adventures, to “fix” episodes I didn’t like, or into their backstories.  It never occurred to me to write any of it down, and I don’t write or read fan-fiction today.  But I still do it, in the privacy of my head.   These are some of the TV shows that inspired my daydreams.

Would love to hear your experiences with TV-inspired daydreams, what shows you liked, or your fond memories of these.

  • 1. Battlestar Galactica (original) 
  • 2. Battle of the Planets
  • 3. Wonder Woman
  • 4. The Superfriends
  • 5. Thundarr the Barbarian
  • 6. Voltron
  • 7. The Smurfs
  • 8. Beauty and the Beast
  • 9. Santa Barbara
  • 10. Star Trek TNG
  • 11. Buffy
  • 12. Smallville
  • 13. Firefly

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