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WOTM Update: Reconstructing the Outline

I tried to start my next scene and came up against the realization that my outline was so screwed up by the places I’d wandered off to that I really couldn’t see where I was supposed to be going until I fixed it.  And rather than going right to work on fixing the upcoming, I went back and outlined the latest stuff that I’d done.  (Because otherwise I waste tons of time scrolling around trying to remind myself of what I did and didn’t cover yet.) 

After detailing all that, I decided to look over the 4 scenes I wrote for chapter 8 and put them into the draft.  (Now at 45,892 words, btw.)  Then I decided that I needed to make an at-a-glance outline for what I’ve already done because the other was getting too long.  (Have I ever mentioned that making the points of view of the characters different colors is the best thing ever?)  Then I decided I needed to know the word counts for each chapter.

And then I couldn’t think of anything else to do to avoid looking ahead.

So I went back to the original outline and listed the things that had yet to happen in order and assigned them to days of the week.  It would appear that I have a little more than 30 bits to go.  I think my bits need to start getting…bitty-er.

So blah blah, isn’t that the most exciting update ever? 

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WOTM Update: Finally

So it was almost a week since the last time I wrote anything, but I finally sat down and wrote a scene last night.  1384 words in which my bad guy imagined doing Very Bad Things to my heroine. 

 It was one of those–Perhaps I should consider a pseudonym– sort of scenes.  You know what I’m talking about?  I have ever been somewhat secretive about my writing in general, but it’s always been more of an issue of overall quality and fear of failure (if no one knows you do something, they can’t very well think you’re a failure at it, right?) than worry over anyone reading any particular part.  But last night I had two clear thoughts about what I wrote:

  • Will my quite religious family read this and disown me? and
  • Why, once I let myself get rolling with it, was it so much easier to write this sick shit than a love scene between my main characters?

Why indeed.


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WOTM Update: The Continuing Episodes of Fluff

Let me just say that I am aware that the 1588 words I struggled to write today were mostly fluff and likely the whole thing can be cut.  Duly noted, thank you.  If the whole thing runs long, this charming scene of Matt singing in his kitchen and then getting upset by Alex’s nonsense will be the first to go.  Promise. 

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WOTM Update: Two in a Day!

Well, change my count for the day to 1668.  I just sat down and wrote out that morning after scene with Matt that I had notes on the other day.  Just the easy thing I needed to feel better about this whole business (since he’s the only one awake, so there’s no awkward yet).

Happy happy happy.

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WOTM Update: In Which, Literally, Nothing Happens

On Friday and Saturday I wrote a total of 39 words that were so bad they don’t even count.  Just too much family stuff going on this weekend.  I thought this would be the week I broke 10K (in the course of a week), but I’m pleased to finish out the week at 8072.

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WOTM Update: The Hills Are Alive

586 words yesterday.

I sort of skipped ahead just a bit.

I went out to run some errands.  I haven’t had so much of the driving around inspiration as I used to have.  Possibly because I haven’t been into a story enough to have it speak to me that way for some time, possibly because I need more of my attention for driving now.  Who knows?

Anyway, I was driving around, and Matt woke up.  Kettle and I call Matt Mr. Matty Sunshine.  He’s a very strange character for me.  I’ve never had one who’s so lit up from the inside.  I don’t know where he comes from.  But anyway, I watched him burst from the house with this uncontainable joyful exuberance and jog off into the woods.  What the heck, Matt?

I followed him on his run until he came to a clearing where he- I shit you not- whirled around once like Fraulein Maria, with his arms thrown out and his head back to the sky, and he just let out this WHOOP.

I was stunned and strangely moved by the whole thing, and came home and wrote down what I’d seen, trying to make crazy Matt sound a little more butch than a novice in a nunnery, and the whole thing inspired another place in the story where Matt would go to be alone like this which I was able to describe in some detail and which was quite lovely.

And aside from some thinking through what I was supposed to be doing next and a LOT of catching up on housework, that’s really all I got done yesterday on the writing front. 

But let’s hear it for free inspiration.

[Checks to see that no one’s looking]


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Updatey: Now With More Progress

Well, I guess I’ve mostly pulled out of my emo writer thing. 

I was thinking this morning that I wish I had more to say here.  This is my writing journal, so I don’t hop over here every day to talk about my daughter’s potty training or how I forgot the HVAC guy was coming yesterday and almost caught me running around my house naked.  I just come by and talk when something writerly crosses my mind.  And most of the writerly stuff actually goes into the writing.  Let’s face it, I’m an amateur writer without a finished manuscript.  I don’t have a lot to talk about regarding queries and proposals, agents and editors, etc..  I don’t have a whole lot to say about the sorts of things that make me curious to read other writer blogs.

 So I don’t know.  If there’s anyone reading this, I wonder what you’d like to read about.

I think maybe I’ll start being better about posting progress updates.  After all, I change my counters all the time, there’s really no permanent record for me to look back on later and see how I was doing as I wrote this.  That might be fun.  For me, anyway.

I’ve been writing sex for days now.  I’m at least 10 pages in, I just finished a chapter and am picking up the next one actually in the bedroom.  I think we’re at a 3 and 0 (no pun intended) orgasm count since we’ve walked in the front door.  I wrote 2031 words yesterday to bring this week’s total so far to 7486.  I also worked on my outline for a while, adding in all the changes that have been coming out lately, and trying to figure out how to fix the mess I’ve made of that, but didn’t really get far.

My word counts for the week so far:

  • Sunday- 3795
  • Monday- 909
  • Tuesday- 751
  • Wednesday- 2031

Values are definitely approximate.  It’s hard for me to remember just where I left off without going back and checking my chats with Kettle, and it’s just not worth going through ALL that. 

 Just added this chapter to the draft and I’m at 40,002.


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