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Passion: now with #Buffy clips

Trying to get into the writing today. I know this is an issue of mine, but I just have so much trouble throwing words down on the page that I don’t feel. And I’m just not feelin’ it today.

I know there’s good stuff coming and I need to write my way through this stuff to get there. But my Internal Editor says that it should all be good stuff and if I can’t be passionate about it, I shouldn’t expect anyone else to wade through it. I need to figure out how to make it all good stuff.

Trying To Be Professional Me says I just need to put something down. Can’t edit a blank page, blah blah, maybe something awesome will just come out.

Generally, Internal Editor and I ignore Trying To Be Professional Me. Sometimes we also taunt her and slap her around. What can I tell you? Sometimes it gets ugly up here in my head. Sometimes we’re like the hyena possession episode.*

Anyway, what the subject of passion got me thinking about today was actually what Angel has to say in the unfortunate episode: Passion. Let’s review his thoughts…

More of my thoughts about putting passion into your art can be found in Write Hard, a post I did for the ROW80 community.

So anyone have thoughts about how to make passion happen? Is there a little blue pill for writing? Some kind of scriptodisiac? Do you have the secret of pushing past le suck?

*no pigs were harmed


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#ROW80, Write Hard

It’s my turn to make the inspiration post of the week for the ROW80 crowd, so you’ll find me over there today, talking about writing with passion in a post titled Write Hard.

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