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Okay, so I know Kindlegraph.com is going to be old news for a lot of you. Even though I’d heard of it, read at least one article about it, probably even dropped by the site, I didn’t “get around” to signing up, chalking it up as one of those things that I’d put on the to-do list to investigate later. I mean, let’s face it, unless Kait says “You must doooo eeeeet nowwww…” it generally doesn’t get done.

But I recently had a reader ask me for a Kindlegraph, and frankly it’s enough that my laziness produces a whole year between books, it shouldn’t disappoint readers any more than that. So I took my virtual butt over to Kindlegraph.com.

Quick and Easy

This was not hard. It took less than 5 minutes to watch the video about what Kindlegraphs are. It took less time than that to read through the author FAQs and understand our part. It took no time to sign in with Twitter and maybe two minutes to copy and paste my AISNs into the system.

However, I tell you this because I searched for some of my friends and I don’t seem to be the only one who hasn’t gotten around to this yet.

What you do

After you sign in and enter your AISNs, your devoted fans, or those collecting Kindlegraphs, will be able to find your books on the site and click a button to request a Kindlegraph. Hopefully they’ll add a message to you so you’ve got something to go on to personalize it.

Once you get a request, it’s just a button click to go to the page to fill it. You type in a message and then add your signature. You can either sign your name by mouse (yeah, that’s hard, but once you do it the site site stores it) or type your sig in handwriting font. Another click and your done.

What they get

A PDF of your cover image with your message and signature beneath it is emailed to the person who requested it. This can be emailed directly to their Kindle if they followed those instructions in the setup, or it just be sent to an email address and saved on their computer. Once it’s on the computer, it could be side-loaded to any device that will read PDF, so don’t be put off by the name.

You can find my books on Kindlegraph.com on this page, and any time you want to find that again, the link will be on my Talent Chronicles book page.

Here’s a screenshot of the one I autographed for my dorky self:

The Hush Money cover with a message and autograph

in which I thanked me very much

So in case any of your readers think it’s fun to collect these, just go. Doooo eeeeet nowwww.


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