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Let’s Make Movies!

You can think what you want about book trailers. Some people REALLY don’t like them. Which I don’t get. If you don’t like them, at least be happy they’re generally voluntary sorts of things. Unlike flash websites and auto-play music files, you actually have to click play to watch a book trailer. So it’s easy to opt out and move on.

I’m not good a making movies, but I like it and I’ve done some movie making for fun. It’s the kind of fluffy yet picky project I can get nicely obsessed with.

One concept that’s new to me that I LOVE is the idea of a fan trailer. Of course my favorite fan film of all time is not exactly a trailer. It’s more…awesome.

…and then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

But here’s a trailer, one for Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy:

The awesome thing about fan trailers is how fans are allowed to use anything they want. You know you cast the movie version of the book while you’re reading it. You’re already making a movie in your head. Celeb photos, film clips, pop music, it’s all just for fun and fair use. Here’s one for Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones:

I could totally see myself getting into this if I were younger, savvier, and had fewer demands on my time.

I’d been thinking about trailers a lot lately. Making, or having made, a trailer for Hush Money was on my list of things I was putting off until after Heroes ‘Til Curfew was finished and released. Not only was it about not doing another project until that was done, but it was also about selling a few copies of a $2.99 books so I could afford to do a trailer in whatever way I decided to do it.

Kait, of course, has a beautiful, professionally produced trailer, complete with voice-over even, for Red. Very fancy. I’m not sure how much this kind of thing costs because she won it in a contest of some sort:

Zoe Winters was the first to get me thinking about it this week. She’s running a contest at her blog, and her most excellent trailer appears in the post.

Then, yesterday morning, Kimberly Kinrade was tweeting about making her book trailer. And it’s pretty darned awesome too. I love the script for this and it totally makes me want to read the book. Which I do actually want to read and have bought:

Inspired, I then proceeded to spend all day looking for music and images and putting together the following trailer for Hush Money:

So what do you think? Want to go out and make fan trailers? Have awesome book movies to share?


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