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My first ROW80 Check-in

I set two short-term goals for ROW80:

  • Write every weekday, at least 1/2 hr unplugged, at least 1 hr total
  • Write at least 3 scenes per week.

I’m doing this in the morning, before my day explodes, as I’ve got a gimpy cat to take to the vet, phone calls to make, a phone call to await, an appointment to chat with my TechGuy this afternoon, I have to grab an hour to write today (not sure of the specifics either), I need to do some cleaning, making a ham dinner, and my daughter is home asking me to play something every 5 minutes. (Not a lot for normal moms at home or people who work for paychecks, but I lack coping skills.)

So for this check-in, we’re only dealing with Monday and Tuesday.

On which I did great!

I ended up taking two hours on Monday, writing 1229 words, and finishing the sequence I’ve been working on pretty much the entire month of December. (Which isn’t saying so much, as I had maybe 1 day to myself to actually write stuff in the entire month. See above: lacks coping skills. But that’s what I’m working on.)

On Tuesday I wrote the next scene. 1133 words with an alarming number of swears. Yes, Marco was involved. As well as two characters new to this story who are also pretty bad in that regard. Marco’s thoughts continue to be…let’s just say he should be tried as an adult. Regardless of the conventional wisdom that says teen characters = YA, I’m starting to question the categorization.

I’m thinking about adding in a new idea right now, something to support what’s already there and strengthen a thread that’s weak. So today I’ll probably spend a little time looking down on the big picture.

Anyway, see where my head is? In the story, with the planning and stuff? I think the ROW80 goals are working really well so far. I’ve been letting myself be run by circumstances, waiting for the conditions to be right to do my best work, and getting no work done at all. There’s more to it, but that’s the part that’s my fault and that I can work on.

Writing that post last night, looking back on my attitude as I wrote Hush Money, was very eye-opening for me. Definitely some things for me to think about.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to reading about how the start of the challenge has been for others. Thanks for stopping by.

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