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Sheepdog Pimpin’

Seriously, you click a title like that?

Once upon a time, I thought Jay Donovan (formerly known as @techsurgeons, now @jaytechdad) was just another fun Twitter peep. He has a very sharp wit and, hey, he likes my work. What more can you ask?

One day he wrote to me and very kindly suggested that I should take care regarding my virtual security. First he explained to me how he was a “white-hat hacker” and “a sheepdog” and “not a creepy stalker,” then told me how the information I had out and available could get me into trouble, and made suggestions for what to change to make me safer.

During my privileged time as a friend of TechFamily,  between charming and amusing tidbits about the TechWife and TechKids, Jay has walked me through the writing of DMCA takedown notices to sites pirating my work, pointed me to the right information for rooting my NOOK Color, and helped me with other such points of tech note.

To sum up, Jay is a Friend To Authors, awesome, amusing, brilliant, (currently the owner of a big, swelled head, no doubt,) and the guy from whom YOU should learn more about your internet security.

What is with this outpouring of TechLove? No, it’s not just a Valentines Day warm-up, it’s to let you know that Jay is giving a class on Internet Privacy and Security that I think you should check out.

You’ll shudder in fear, laugh, and learn in a serious but fun class that teaches how to be safely social on the Internet while keeping your personal information private.

I’ll introduce some simple techniques for safer web surfing, keeping your address & phone number offline, reducing the chances of your accounts being hacked, better ways to hide behind a pen name, and much much more.

Jay has been a geek since before geeks were cool.  He’s done it all, from remotely debugging the Internet connection for a US aircraft carrier deployed to *REDACTED*, to being responsible for the servers and networks for one of the largest Internet sites in the world, and the most challenging job of them all – parenthood.  He’s trained as a Certified Ethical Hacker (yes, really!) and always uses his geeky powers for good.  When he’s not neck deep in wires and computer parts, you’ll find him hanging out on Twitter as @jaytechdad.

Now, I know you’re going to rush right over there and sign up. At the bottom of the form, you’ll see a box where you tell who sent you. Feel free to drop my name. I think my column of our friendish deeds balance sheet is looking a little bare by comparison and surely I will need another favor in the future.

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