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A mini-rant on the slighting of Android users

I’ve been trying to be more positive lately, but look. This just needs to be said.


Please note that there are a lot of Android users out there, we really like our Android phones. We really like apps.

When you roll out apps for iPhone and blow off Android, it makes some of us mad. Disgusted, even.

No, seriously. Why is this still a thing?

No, you know what? That’s not a real question, so don’t answer it. I flat out do not CARE why it’s a thing. I’m sure you have your reasons. I’m sure you think they’re valid. Those are yours to deal with.

Your customers and your potential customers who are also Android customers neither know nor care about these reasons. What we know and care about is that you have provided services to some of your customers who are not us, and we have been slighted.

Really? Does that seem like a good idea?

Many of us make decisions on what companies to deal with based on mobile access and device support. Please note that some of you have really pissed off some of us.

Please try to do better. And, just so this isn’t all about yelling at you, may I offer a bit of gratitude for the money I have saved by not spending with companies which offer extra benefits to their iOS customers only. (Free digital version of the magazine for iPad! Really? You can’t even through the REST of us a PDF bone? Really??)

And if you’re an Android user, and you find yourself ticked about this on the regular basis, feel free to rant likewise wherever you go.



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