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If Joss Whedon Were At My Beck And Call…

Ok, obviously, first off, I’d be really nervous right now because I’d be getting ready for our lunch date. It would be in Knoxville, of course, because if Joss Whedon were at my beck and call then he could do the flying. You know how I feel about airports, right? The topic of our lunch would be his thoughts on the Talent Chronicles TV series which we can all assume would be beyond awesome.

But that’s not actually what I was going to write about.

I was sick on Wednesday. I know. I texted Kait and her response was, “What? Again?” People, having a first grader is like being engaged in germ warfare. So anyways, I’m couch-bound and I’m thinkin’ okay, I can’t really get up and do anything, and I can’t read because that didn’t go well, so what can I do that would in some way productive?

Um, watch Buffy?

Of course! By the way, the awesome thing about Buffy on Netflix is never having to get up

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to change the discs.

So I’m watching season 1 for, like, the billionth time. It never fails to please. But this time it seemed I was hardly into the first episode when Buffy runs into this dark alley part of the set, stops, feet planted apart, looks around. It was just such a stance that I couldn’t help thinking two things:

  1. Damn I miss Wonder Woman; and
  2. Damn I wish I could have Buffy marathon with Andrew.

I don’t really want to get into the whole what’s going on with the Wonder Woman TV series thing because I don’t really know much about it and I’m trying to stay open-minded. But as I kept watching season 1, I kept seeing Charisma Carpenter and all the teased hair of that season…

Remember the seventies Wonder Woman series? I think it may be hard for new viewers to see that in the context of its time and realize how awesome it was, back in the day, but you know I loved it.

Anyway, remember Debra Winger’s Druscilla/Wonder Girl character? Okay, so she was kind of annoying–they just wrote her like that.

Can you just imagine the awesomeness of Joss Whedon’s Wonder Girl series starring Charisma Carpenter? (She’s probably not keen on playing a school girl now, but I was more living in the moment.) Dru’s come to stay with big sister Diana, but while Wonder Woman’s off keeping the world safe for democracy, Wonder Girl is expected to blend in and stay quietly anonymous in an American high school. But how can she do that? I mean, she grew up on a strife-free female island paradise, she’s totally smart, totally super-powered, and totally clueless. And yeah, she tries to fit in and hide what she is, but it’s not her fault that things keep happening and she’s constantly put in a position where she has to save the day.

As it would be, awesomely, the chick-lead version of Smallville, it would need a theme other than a desire to be normal, but it seems doable. In the 70s series, Dru does seem to have a desire to prove herself. I’m sure there’s an aspect of sibling rivalry to work with. Diana’s got everything: the nice apartment, the exciting job, the Wonder Woman suit–not to mention Steve Trevor’s obvious interest which she can’t seem to handle properly. Why if Steve liked me, Dru thinks, I sure wouldn’t keep ignoring him and putting him off. And of course while Dru’s busy crushing on the guy’s who’s crushing on her older sister, she’s totally not noticing the guy at school who so often seems to be there with information or to help her out of a jam. And what’s his story anyway?

Okay, seriously, before I just sit down and write this thing, I’m going to shut up. Just agree with me that it would be awesome. And then tell me what you want Joss to work on–I mean besides Firefly 2: Diary of Jayne.


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