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#ROW80 Update

Not a lot to say here. Things have been much better this week in general. I’m getting to spend more time on the writing stuff, with time to actually think. I spent brainstorming time this week with Kait and Andrew, which is always good because I’m the sort of person who thinks better with help. When I have someone else to ask me questions or throw out ideas–even if they’re not ideas I can use, at least it keeps me focused and not thinking about things that have nothing to do with the Talents.

So anyway, Kait helped me think through a new story that I’ll write at some point. I know what basically happens in the story, I just haven’t got the why of it–why I should write it/why you should care.

I always get stuck right before an action scene. They don’t come naturally to me, I’m not practiced at how to think through them yet, and I always balk at writing them. Fortunately Andrew got me a lot closer to figuring this next one out than I was earlier this week.

Some recommended reading…

On writing something good, then trying to do it again…
Well the title of JM Tohline’s blog post really says it, doesn’t it? The Trials Of Writing A Work…After Writing A Work Of Art. (Link given me by Andrew Mocete during a discussion of the pressures of expectation in trying to write a sequel.)

On Blogging
Yes, of course it’s a Kristen Lamb post, and of course it’s amusing. But Blogging Part 7- Fashion Faux Pas also contains helpful advice I wish everyone would follow. (Found because I subscribe.)

Oh Snap, we been told!
Laura Kinsale, author of the wonderful Flowers from the Storm and other works, tells it like it is and kicks some serious ass in Writing Is Not a Service Industry. She does this with such lovely, lyrical language that it’s kind of like eating elegant tea cakes iced with spite. (Link sent to me by Zoe Winters.)

Speaking of Zoe…
Zoe Winters is planning to release her new novel, Save My Soul this week. Naturally, I recommend picking that out when it becomes available. But for now you can check out her awesomely spiffy book trailer. (Found because Zoe’s been telling me about this a lot.)

Oh Snap, we been told!
Laura Kinsale, author of the wonderful Flowers from the Storm and other works, tells it like it is and kicks some serious ass in Writing Is Not a Service Industry. She does this with such lovely, lyrical language that it’s kind of like eating elegant tea cakes iced with spite. (Link sent to me by Zoe Winters.)


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#ROW80 Check-in: Fail

Snow day #11 for our district and, including weekends, the 22nd straight day of unrelieved parenting.

She got up at 4:45am. My husband gets up at 5 to go to work, so I got up too and tried to encourage her to stay out of his space as he’s one of those people you’re not supposed to talk to in the morning. I ended up not being able to keep my eyes open and, by the time he went to work, had to go back to bed. Except then of course I really couldn’t go back to sleep and just fretted about stuff. It was awesome.

So back to the ROW80 thing…

My goals:

  • spend a minimum of 1 hour working on the Talent Chronicles every weekday
  • a minimum of 1/2 hour should be unplugged from the internet
  • finish 3 scenes per week

What I did:

  • No hours spent
  • No scenes completed
  • No words written

I’m not going to get my mom to write me an excuse note. Besides, she freakin’ abandoned me and went to freakin’ Florida. Where I could have been, hanging out with Mickey, since there’s no school anyway.

I don’t have to tell you guys who have been here lately that I’m pretty much on edge. The only work I did in my world this week was stealing some of Kait’s time to try to brainstorm the details of the upcoming scenes, which mostly was just me telling her stuff I already knew. Because when she had time, I was trying to put supper together and shockingly, was not real focused.

Yesterday I was accomplished in that I wrote to an IP law firm which has a branch in town and told them I needed information and advice, and then contract review if it came to that, but I’ve had no response to that. I’m concerned I will actually have to make a phone call. (I’m kind of phobic about the phone.)  Of course it’s snowing, so there’s probably no one there. I wrote back to the individual who contacted me and asked for patience. I hate feeling like an idiot, but what are you gonna do?

Not like that took all day yesterday. I took my tree out because my husband’s been too busy to do it, and then I set about cleaning up all the pine needles and mud the pets have tracked in (three and they’re indoor/outdoor), that’s been there since Christmas. Since my daughter wanted to skate, I did that on skates. Inefficient, but kind of amusing since I had to move furniture and stuff and kept rolling away. There was also side by side Nintendo DS play morning and evening.

Last week I had pretty good luck with shutting myself in my room to work. Even though there were multiple interruptions, I still got stuff done. Now there are whiny guilt trip fits any time I try to do stuff. We’re both just really tired of it being just us. I’m sure it’s lonely being an only child. I was the kind of kid who spent hours in my own head. I could sit in my room with my dolls, and I didn’t even have to move them around to play with them. I never voiced them out loud, I always played in my head. It’s often hard for me to relate to someone who is outward, social, and always wants connection.

We’re supposed to get a break from the snow tomorrow. I have a commitment in town tomorrow if I can possibly make it, and that, plus at least an hour of travel time each way in this mess, will suck up the whole school day, if there is one.

Hoping everyone else did better on their goals. If you’re blog hopping to find out, here’s the linky.


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#Row80 Check-in and the Snow Day Saga Continues

They’ve already called off school for tomorrow. In December we had 6 snow days, and then they got for Christmas. They were supposed to go back from holiday break on Thursday, but they called it off Thursday and Friday, and now Monday.

When I looked at my calendar for December, and I noted all the snow days and vacation days, and the days I had plans to do things with and for my mom, I had 3 days on which I could get things done. And I used two of those to get my Christmas shopping done, leaving me one day in December on which to write.

Clearly the thing of feeling like I need to wait for the peace and quiet in which I do my best work hasn’t been working out really well.

So I’m happy to report that my first week of working my ROW80 goals went pretty well. Even though there was no school, even though my daughter had that rescheduled minor surgery thing and we had to spend a whole day in the hospital.

My two small, measurable goals:

  • spend at least an hour, with at least 1/2 hour unplugged, every weekday, working in the world of the Talent Chronicles, whether it be on notes or prose, but NOT on blogging, correspondence, etc.
  • finish 3 scenes per week

The second goal I was able to do. The first I did every day but Friday. On Friday I shut the computer down at 10:30 to get ready to take my daughter to an emergency “let’s not eat our young” gathering of moms and small kids at Burger King, didn’t open it again until Sunday morning, and was hardly online during this whole very family-oriented weekend. I’m not going to beat myself up about that or try to make it up. I went into overtime 3 of the 4 days I did work.

Word counts:

  • Monday: 1255
  • Tuesday: 1133
  • Wednesday: 842
  • Thursday: 1225
  • Total: 4455

Which is more than I’ve been able to do lately with the whole struggle with attention and focus and doing a lot of spinning my wheels and staring thing I’ve been into lately. So yay!

In other news…

Trivia! For those of you who use PubIt, did you ever notice Hush Money on the log-in page? Lauralynn Elliot sent me a heads-up about that this week. I usually go there at least once a day to record my numbers and never noticed. I’m there with HP Mallory and Amanda Hocking. Must have been a good day. Neat, huh?


I didn’t get a whole lot of time for reading this week, but I did jot down some things that I particularly enjoyed. So here are some links for you:

Book Marketing
Chuck Wendig’s Drop the Pen, Grab a Hammer: Building the Writer’s Platform. A fabulous post about platform that made me laugh a lot. Do I have to tell you this is NSFW? (via Kristen Lamb)

Getting the Writing Done
Kristen Lamb’s post Being More Productive- Taking on Procrastination Pixies by…Eating Frogs? is a funny and scarily accurate look at a common problem for many of us. You may see yourself in this and a number of the posts Kristen has written lately. I have. (Read this one because I subscribe to Kristen’s blog, and I’d recommend it for all my writer friends.)

The Samhain Publishing blog featured a wonderful article on romantic relationships in superhero comics and movies by Corrina Lawson, What’s So Scary About Romance? It points out a lot of the romantic relationships we’ve loved, and how they made these fictions speak to us, even though the romance isn’t supposed to be the focus. Great article by someone who obviously loves romance and superheroes. (Found via Google Alerts)

And for today’s ROW80 blog hoppers, the linky list.


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