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Look! A good book!

I’m a curmudgeon of a reader and I don’t read that much that gives me true delight. It’s because I’m an equal opportunity bitch and I can be as critical of other people’s books as I can of mine–and we’ve seen how critical I can be of myself. But maybe that’s why I keep reading. It’s that slot machine effect that if I just keep pulling that handle, one of these is going to pay off and make me really happy.

Enter Soulless, the first of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate. I’ve been doing a lot of flitting lately, and this one was very nearly a victim of my short attention span. It’s been on my TBR for some time, but I decided to give it a try even though I’ve got several things started right now. I just didn’t want to read any of them.

Well, Soulless didn’t grab me either. While it started out kind of amusing, it was a bit over the top. I’m not a comedy girl. I think of myself as a hardcore drama queen, and I was starting to think that this book was going to be just a bit too light for me, thank you. So I closed it on page 12 and went to bed. And it stayed closed for a few weeks until Kait started reading it.

Not suprisingly, Kait loved it. Kait loves the comedy. She likened it to Amelia Peabody. There’s another one I enjoyed at first but then got meh about because it was too light for me. And this kind of confirmed that this was not a book for me. But then Kait said something else. And it must have been on GoogleTalk since it wasn’t part of this post. Something about having left Alexia intertwined with the naked Earl of Woosley and needing to get back.

Now, friends, I am a simple girl. Some days this is all it takes for me to go back for a second look.

I picked the book back up and, wouldn’t you know, within the next two paragraphs I was completely hooked. Two paragraphs. Had I read far enough to see Alexia and Lord Maccon interact, their delightful chemistry and the promise of how Carriger was going to handle them, I would have been completely taken. I then proceeded to read the book as straight through as life would permit.

If you don’t know what it’s about, you can read that at Amazon. I don’t think I could do any better.

What I can tell you that the blurb doesn’t is that part of the delight of reading this book is that there were moments when I thought I could feel how much Carriger loved writing it. And in that way the Universe seems to have of pushing me around giving me helpful nudges in the right direction, I realized that was just the kind of thing I need right now. I needed to be reminded that, whether it’s light and funny, or dark and angsty, it’s important to remember that we love writing it.

That I love it.

So yes, it is all about me, isn’t it? Sorry for the self-indulgent tangent.

In a summary of tags:

Soulless (Parasol Protectorate #1)

Well-written, funny, strong heroine, excellent world-building, a take on vampires that is not yawn-inducing, steampunk lite, spinster gets her man, and, which perhaps I should have mentioned first, a hot werewolf.





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Lady Mechanika: Steampunk Goodness in a Comic

I went to throw my Nook in the pool bag the other day and the battery was dead. After some wailing and gnashing of teeth I realized that I have plenty of paper to read. I have a whole stack of comics I need to get at. One of the things I tossed in the bag was the first three issues of Lady Mechanika.

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #1 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #1 at TFAW

Issues 0 and 1 sold out, so I read these in this spiffy collected edition. Issue 0 finds the lady in an underground setting, competing with bounty hunters to find a creature that’s been running amok and scaring to populace. What interests Mechanika is the rumor that the creature is partly mechanical, like she is. Could it offer a clue to the missing parts of her past? Yes, yes it could.

In issue 1 we’re introduced to a drunkard, widowed genius inventor ally who seems to me to have potential, and a leggy nemesis with flaming red hair–because what’s life without a little gratuitous girl-on-girl violence? The story expands as Lady Mechanika follows another clue that might lead to her creator.

Lady Mechanika #2 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika #2 at TFAW

In issue #2, the aforementioned redhead, Commander Winter, along with team, corners Lady Mechanika. Threats are traded and backstory revealed before the lady gets herself out of that mess. We’re introduced to the intriguing figure of Mr. Cain who might have something to do with Mechanika’s past. Meanwhile, the lady herself follows the trail to a gypsy circus.

If you have any appreciation for steampunk art at all, the books are worth the price for the illustrations alone, drawn by author Joe Benitez. It’s a beautifully rendered story, and the story itself is unfolding nicely.

Lady Mechanika #3 at TFAW

Lady Mechanika #3 at TFAW

Issue #3 seems to be delayed until after Christmas! Which sucks for me, but as it seems even the collected reprint of the first issues is selling out, it gives you plenty of time to track them down and catch up.

There’s a reason this series is so popular. And unlike some comics, I didn’t find myself having too much trouble following which bubble to read or what panel to look to next, so it’s probably not a bad one for those who don’t read a lot in this format. Check it out if you can.

Thanks go to Andrew Mocete who always gives good recs.


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