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Thoughts on NBC’s The Cape

I watched the premiere of the The Cape when it aired on Sunday. Some of you know that I don’t watch TV when it’s on TV, so this was thing– a superhero thing– and thanks go to Andrew for reminding me. (Incidentally, I do believe it also happens to be Andrew’s birthday today. So click that link and wish him a Happy Birthday.)

The pilot, which you can watch at the link above, was two hours. Basically the show is about an honest cop who is framed for crimes he didn’t commit, and it’s all very public. He escapes capture, and then falls into this whole masked crusader thing as a way to clear his name.

The Cape thing is because the properties of the cape he acquires allow him to do some cool stuff and, along with the help of other characters he meets, give this mostly ordinary good guy some hope of achieving his goals.

Speaking of the other characters, there’s also an internet crusader with an alias who’s working to expose the corruption that’s been going down. And guess what? She’s a hottie, played by Summer Glau (River, Bennett, Terminator). Sounds awesome, right? Who could ask for more?

Um, I could. Because throw into this set-up, the wife and kid our hero is trying to get back to.

Say what now?

Oh, yeah, because let’s just slam the door on any hope of romance.

Because look, if our hero hooks up with our internet crusader, or if the wife hooks up with guy who just hired her, or if the wife and the masked man start making eyes at each other while she’s newly widowed and supposed to be pining for his real identity–none of those possibilities is attractive to this romance fan.

Fail. Fail fail fail. What’s going to pull me through this series now?

Imagine Scarecrow and Mrs. King, if you’re old enough, where Mrs. King started the series with a Mr. King. And OMG, what if Mr. King was around for the whole series? Then every show, after their adventure, Scarecrow and Mrs. King would be on the stoop. Will something happen this time? Will he try to kiss her? Will she let him?

Will Mr. King open the door and interrupt?

Whole. Different. Vibe.

Imagine Wonder Woman with Steve Trevor’s wife and kids dropping in all the time.

Wouldn’t it have been swell if the mystery behind Remington Steele was that he was a runaway deadbeat dad? No. Not really.

If you’re like me, you keep coming back to a fic because you’re intrigued by the romance. Even if that’s hardly the point of the show. (BTW, if you are like me, you’ll probably enjoy this article on superheroes and romance, if you missed it when I linked to it last week.)

Making that impossible in the pilot killed any hope that I’ll follow this show. For me, this was pure fail and more OMGWHY?

I didn’t much enjoy the pilot anyway. I found the beginning really choppy, the ideas not really new or interesting enough to draw me in and hold my interest for two hours. Plus, the villain’s super-cool contact lenses are really annoying to look at.

But I probably would have come back anyway for any hope of a superhero romance.


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