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To-Do List: PO Box

You’re writing your book, you’re all over Twitter and Facebook making friends, you’re trying to build a readership for your blog to build a readership for you book. You’re reading all kinds of articles on what you’ll need to do to get your work formatted and uploaded and converted for ebooks sales, you’re trying to figure out what you can DIY and what you’ll hire out, and you’re asking yourself the question: to print or not to print or to just put it off until later. Or you’ve done all that and now you’re just trying to keep up with what you’ve made and make more.

Since you obviously don’t have enough to do, let me just also suggest you add “get a PO Box” to your list.

I finally got around to doing this about a month ago. I think it cost me like $40 for the year for a little box. Added expenses are never happy-making, but here are my reasons:

1. Unless you make your information private, the contact information you are required to submit for your domain name is public. The company I use (GoDaddy) charges a fee of $9/yr per domain name (I have 2 other domains from my other buisness) to make it private. This pisses me off and I don’t want to pay it.

2. You will probably have to give out your address to people you don’t know. Sometimes I mail out books as review copies or prizes and while I’m sure they’re going to lovely people, basically every time I write my return address on a package, I’m telling people where I live. And guys, that whole Google satellite photo thing just creeps me the hell out.

3. Even though email is the shit, it’s nice to be able to list a snail mail address on your website in case anyone wants to send you a handmade card, or ship you a box of chocolates to enable faster writing.

4. Now while #1 had been my primary reason for having it on the to-do list, I didn’t get around to it until this one. I use Vertical Response to do my newsletter, and I’d assume this is the same for any company you deal with when sending out professional mailings. When I went to send out my first mailing, I found out that anti-spam laws require you enter a postal address. And that postal address is included in the mailing. Are you comfortable with that?

5. ETA: Thanks to Angeline Kace for reminding me about this in the comments. Much like #1, when you register for copyright you have to provide an address and that becomes public info.

So I’m just saying, there’s more than one reason you’ll probably need to do this. If you’re serious about what you’re doing, stuff is going to come up. So just add it to your to-do list now and get it done next to you’re at the PO. Then you won’t have to interrupt your day with a newsletter half finished to go and take care of it.


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