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The Universe wants YOU to find the book…

My dear friend, Claire Legrand, wrote an AMAZING post today. Partly, it’s the kind of post we all wish we could write every day, the kind of thing so that, on any given day, someone could stumble upon our blog and say, wow, this girl can write, where can I get a whole book? Claire took something that happened to her on the street and turned it into a lovely bit of entertainment, a story, a lesson, something moving. Go read it.

This is the most basic of writing alchemy. Take something that happened, tell a story, move someone.

And I was so moved. I was excited! I immediately began an email to Claire with the subject line: YES!

You know that moment, don’t you, when, out of the blue, someone up and says just what is in your head?

I’m currently TOTALLY into this idea (you can tell by the glazed eyes and generally demeanor of excited, passionate, demented insanity) that…

the stories are in you, and the Universe just keeps sending you signals to bring them out

I mean, the Universe (and you may give this whatever name fits your framework) put them there in the first place. Everything you’re going to write about is somehow inspired by your experience. And the reason you’re the only one who can write about it is because you’re the only one with the exact experiences that add up to the ability to tell that story.

The one the Universe gave you.

The one that’s already in there.

But you can’t just click your heels three times and suddenly know the right way to put all the random bits of information together with just the right words to make something awe-inspiring. Oh, ho, nooooo…

how can you inspire awe without experiencing awe?

And don’t you, experience awe, every time you come out of a passionate writing trance and look back and go–

At this point, I get a little me and start using descriptive language, so don't scroll any further....holy fuck, that just came out of my head? I fucking wrote that shit. [And then, later, sometimes, you go back and say, holy shit, I fucking wrote that shit. And that shit smells. But that is not the point of this emologue, so I shall now recommence my ode...]

The Universe wants you to write great books. That’s why the Universe planted all the seeds that looked like every day things in your every day life. That’s why the Universe put you in situations to feel different things and to develop the perception to understand, in the way that only you can understand–all of it.


If the Universe just gave you the great book, it would break the system.


So it keeps sending you signs (See, swing away!) and inspirations. It sends you music that directs your thoughts and all kinds of books, movies, and art to inspire you. To remind you of that incident that happened, that thing you saw, that emotion you experienced, that you’re supposed to weave into the story.

Isn’t that amazing? It keeps trying. Because the Universe so much wants YOU to share its stories.

If anyone could share the stories, everyone would be able to listen like we do.

But they don’t listen like we do.

The Universe wants them to understand the stories. So it gives them all kinds of experiences in their lives. Then, when they get your story, they relate, they understand, they feel, and sometimes they even change.

Maybe the books that I wrote weren’t exactly what the Universe wanted them to be, despite all the signs. The Universe is okay with that. The Universe will keep trying.


And so will I. 


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Proof of a Benevolent Universe

…brought to you by Twitter.

If you’ve read Hush Money, you’ve probably gotten the idea that Joss and I are a little wary of the Universe. There’s an order to things, which should probably not be messed with, and we get nervous when the Laws of the Universe are violated, even if the violation is something “too good” that’s happening to us. You get the idea.

I love the movie Fire with Fire starring Virginia Madsen and Craig Sheffer. Like love obsessively. I can’t watch it without marveling anew at how perfectly it’s put together. Yesterday I realized that Some Kind of Wonderful, another 80s fav, which also features Craig Sheffer, is available via Netflix instant play and by mail. And thinking about that made me ask the following:

And then there was an answer…

Hope that was fun for you, too.


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